Top Sports Stories in Japan…

13 12 2007

New favourite?  Bespectacled Ami Tokito…Only one more working day… plus a few hours – and I’m on HOLIDAYS!!!

Today’s top sports stories in Nippon are:

  • Asashoryu reacts (sumo)… [Daily YomiuriClass.  Guy’s snubbed, and he just says ‘no problem’…
  • Reds aim to beat AC Milan (FIFA Club World Cup soccer)… [Daily YomiuriNot likely.  I think it’ll be a 4-1 drubbing in favour of AC Milan.
  • Iguchi agrees to 1 year deal with Padres… [Daily YomiuriI get the feeling that time’s running out for Tadahito…
  • Dodgers chasing Kuroda… [Mainichi ShimbunGood pitcher, but I think that he’s going to end up getting waaay overpaid.
  • Boca Juniors beat Etoile Sahel to make the Final of the FIFA Club World Cup… [Japan TimesWhoever wins the Reds/AC Milan match, will be hard-pressed to match Boca…
  • Petrino quits!… [Japan TimesNews even here…



4 responses

14 12 2007

Oi Mali!

Rachael told me about this blog and I thought I’d pop in say hi. Very good looking layout and solid info as well!

Matthew (known to you as South)

14 12 2007

OMGZ… Matthew! Hey man, thanks for dropping by!

16 12 2007

You have an eye for beauty. That picture in your post.

16 12 2007

Yes, Ami Tokito is quite the cutie.

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