Blogsifting: Summer Dreamin’…

14 12 2007

Miwa Oshiro - Summer Dreamin’Last day before my holidays start, and oh-ye-gods, am I excited.  Haven’t been ‘home’ (Australia) for Christmas for a damn long time… it’ll be interesting to go from Japanese Winter to Australian Summer (past few times have been the reverse: Japanese Summer to Australian Winter)… Lots of interesting people writing whilst I’m gone, and I won’t be too far away from a ‘puter, so who knows?

  1. I get the feeling Matt at Blog a Bull is about ready to tear his hair out (like most Bull fans?)… there are times when the Bulls look pretty good, and then there are times they do what they did against the Pacers.
  2. These girls kill me.  No, not literally… but damn they’re good.  ‘Twas A Night In DecemberBabes Love Baseball.
  3. Live-blogging the Mitchell Report?  MLB just keeps finding ways to sink to new depths… great, isn’t it??!  Over at Epic Carnival.
  4. Yet more brilliance from Pyle of List.  How do those guys do it?  Consistently creative – 6 Awful Athletic Prospects From Movies
  5. I really don’t know much about College sports… and that includes Basketball.  But I’m learning – and Storming The Floor is helping me with stuff like ‘Hoop Night‘.
  6. Covering the bizarre, the gross, the unseemly (and that includes stuff like ‘Daniel Radcliffe Is Hung Like A Horse‘), Raincoaster knows no equal.  So, tell me: What Kind Of Cookie Are You?
  7. MVN’s Phoenix Blog – Born & Raised is run by a guy I’ve known since before he became a blogger… kinda.  Gotta be frustrating being a Suns fan – capable of so much, and yet they’ve turned in some anaemic performances this year – Steve asserts that they’re Back On Track… Sort Of.



2 responses

15 12 2007

Unseemly? On the contrary, he’s very pretty!

18 12 2007
Aaron Becker

A winter X-Mas is so much better than a summer one. You sure did miss a lot of recent rain down here, though.

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