Top Sports Stories in Japan…

14 12 2007

More Ami Tokito… megane-idoruLast day before the holidays… man, I feel like a kid!

Today’s top sports stories in Japan are:

  • Q-Chan aiming to go to Beijing, via Nagoya (women’s marathon)… [Daily YomiuriI like her chances… she’s got the goods, and really should be in the Olympic team…
  • AC Milan into final against Boca (FIFA Club World Cup)… [Mainichi ShimbunFar closer semi than I expected… a 1-0 loss for Urawa is a victory of sorts…
  • Fujikawa wants to head to MLB… [Japan TimesDamn good closer – someone should pick him up & slot him into late-middle relief…
  • RHer Otsuka not returning to the Texas Rangers… [Japan TimesNot to worry, with the recent kick on all-things-Japanese (at least, baseball players), he’s likely to get a job somewhere – or at the worst he comes home to Japan & plays ‘Puro Yakyu’…
  • NPB Rookie of the Year gets a big raise from Rakuten… [Japan TimesPlaying for the newest team in the league, a team that gets very little coverage, I didn’t get to see Tanaka play last season.  Word is he’s a pretty good hitter infielder pitcher… 😉



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