Buyer Beware – Maybe Worst Ever? (Dolphins 4 Sale)

17 12 2007

The pursuit of the perfectly-worst season has ended, with the Miami Dolphins beating the Baltimore Ravens 22-16 in overtime.
With the 1972 Dolphins there supporting them, the candidates for ‘worst ever’ got damn lucky, and managed to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

Thing is, there’s no easy fix for this team.
They have problems at nearly every position.
There hasn’t been a decent quarterback at the franchise since Marino finished, no receivers of note for years (tho’ several receivers have left the ‘Phins & done well. Thanks Wes Welker), and coaching has been – at best – unsettled since the departure of the legendary Don Schula.

Phins for saleNow we can add that the owner is putting the franchise up for sale. Certainly not one for sticking around with a loser, owner H. Wayne Huizenga has stated that he is discussing selling the team. One can only wonder at his timing, as trying to sell this donkey might be one tall order. For whilst the record for having a winless season might be something that the Dolphins have narrowly avoided, as mentioned above, this team is simply awful. To be honest, I don’t think it’s the players… but coach Cam Cameron certainly hasn’t done anything to guarantee his position. The way the team has played since early November indicates that maybe whilst they hadn’t given up back then, they weren’t playing with anything remotely resembling passion.
I believe that the win against Baltimore simply came down to pride. This was the one, as visiting Foxborough next week will be an exercise in futility, and the Cincinnati team that visits in the season’s final week are a vastly superior team than Miami, despite their own under-achieving this year.
If the ‘Phins didn’t beat the Ravens, that was pretty much it.

And it’s not like they did it easily… the Ravens missed a field goal on OT’s first possession, and Greg Camarillo turned a short completion into a 64 yard touchdown run. His 4th catch for the season. Make no mistake: this is not vindication, this is just a tiny bit of salvage.

So… a new owner. Buyer beware: there’ll be no quick turn-around for this team. It’s going to be a long few years at the minimum before the Miami Dolphins are a viable franchise.

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One response

18 12 2007
Aaron Becker

It’s kinda weird, but I don’t care. I guess it’s cause I’m an NFC guy, the Vikings, that is ;~) OK, I admit it, I hate all teams, cept for mine……most of the time.

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