Top Sports Stories in Japan…

17 12 2007

More Yoko Kumada…Only a few more days, then I’m jettin’ outta here (for a short break in Australia)!

Today’s top stories in Japan were:

  • AC Milan win FIFA Club World Cup… [Daily Yomiuri]   Colour me surprised, I had Boca penciled in as champions…
  • Wild Knights looking the goods – humble Toshiba… [Daily YomiuriWow… 41-0 thrashing of a 3-time reigning champion…
  • Urawa Reds take 3rd in FIFA Club World Cup… [Daily Yomiuri]  Kind of amazed.  Urawa are the 3rd best team in the world?  Really?
  • Dodgers introduce Kuroda… [Mainichi ShimbunLatest Japanese import to make way too much money…
  • Mighty Mao places 2nd in Turin (figure skating)… [Japan Times Mao Asada continues good form…
  • Pettitte admits to HGH usage… [Japan TimesMeh… yet another Yankee I’m unimpressed with…



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