Top Sports Stories in Japan…

18 12 2007

Ami’s rather wonderful…One day left!…  Outta here tomorrow!   Whilst I’m gone, no ‘Top Sports Stories’…

So enjoy this last one for a while…

Today’s top sports stories in ol’ Nippon are: 

  • Robson Ponte is J-League MVP (J-League Soccer)… [Daily YomiuriPhenomenal Urawa midfielder gets Japan’s top football prize…
  • Impulse get Xbowl glory (Japanese American Football)… [Daily YomiuriMatsushita Electric Impulse beat the Fujitsu Frontiers in the X-Bowl…
  • Dodgers introduce Kuroda to media… [Mainichi ShimbunNot sure that this signing was a good idea…
  • Milan hails Kaka as ‘World’s best’… [Japan TimesAC Milan just won the FIFA Club World Cup… so forgive their exuberance…
  • A-Rod denies doping… [Japan TimesWell of COURSE he does… what’s he going to say?  Yup, did that… ?



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