Jeter and Joba to the Rescue!

22 12 2007

Since the Mitchell Report everyone has been up in arms debating whether Roger Clemens really did, whether he should be in the Hall of Fame, and whether the sky is falling. Luckily for all of us, two voices of reason have emerged and we can now rest assured that Roger Clemens reputation will remain as pure as the driven snow.

Yankees captain Derek Jeter, speaking with reporters on Thursday before a holiday event for his charitable foundation, said the public should not rush to judgment on Clemens.

See. Nothing to worry about. He’s clean.

Asked if he stands by Clemens, Jeter said “Yeah. Rocket’s always been a great teammate. I’ve said that time in and time out, that he’s a great teammate. I didn’t like him too much when I played against him because he has always been very competitive. But he’s always been a great teammate.”

He was a great teammate. That’s all we need to know. Now stop bugging The Rocket.


Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain, who had the locker next to Clemens last season in the Yankees clubhouse, also defended Clemens on Thursday.

“It’s a question that’s going to be brought up for a long time, but the man has been successful for so long, he’s obviously doing something right,” Chamberlain said during a visit to children undergoing treatment at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. “His work ethic has been shown, he does what he does, and he does it for a reason. He’s been successful and that’s why.”

I am so glad that the media is bothering Joba Chamberlain at a kids’ ward in a cancer center, because I was dying to know his opinion on The Rocket.

So there you have it. Joba and Jeter have quelled our fears. Long live The Rocket.

Source: ESPN

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