Top Sports Stories in Australia…

22 12 2007

Very, very nice - Nicky Whelan (appropriate I have a good Australian girl up too…)Got a lil’ bit of computer time… so I thought it only fitting that I post an Australian take on sports (given that’s where I am at the moment)…

So, today’s top sports stories in Australia are:

  • How is the health of Test Cricket?… [The AgeTest Cricket versus the One Day Game…
  • Mitchell Johnson – loves a fight (cricket)… [The AgeJohnson loves a scrap – and look out Tait!
  • Tennis players face jail over match-fixing… [The AgeAbsolutely.  Tennis Australia & the Victorian Police open up a joint investigation…
  • Baseball in the US – it’s a rat-race, and the rats are winning… [The AgeHopefully, changes will occur soon in MLB…
  • Melbourne flagged for a Super 14 team with Argentinean players? (rugby)… [The AgeThe proposal is actually a hybrid team of players from Australia & Argentina…
  • Australia to face swimmer-exodus?… [Herald SunBritain’s throwing money at Australian swimmers to leave Oz…
  • Soccer/Football – World Cup Qualifiers: Pim to call up Europe-based players… [Herald SunThis could get interesting… hopefully, they answer the call.

Having a pretty good trip thus far, tho’ it’s been VERY wet, and not so warm (what the hell happened to Summer?).  Enjoy the picture of Nicky Whelan (only appropriate that we have a good Aussie girl up!)…




3 responses

23 12 2007
Aaron Becker

I don’t think we’ve had more than 2 days without rain for the past couple of weeks.

23 12 2007

It’s been insane. Three days running of absolute DOWNPOURS. Today’s cloudy-ish, but I’m told (by the weather-guy) that it’s on the improve…

27 12 2007
Aaron Becker

Well, after today, it will be clear skies for the next few days. And like I tell my wife, I’m always right – besides, I grew up in ‘Tornado Alley’, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the weather ;~)

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