Well Done Kobe, Well Done

24 12 2007

well done…Despite all the rumours that swirled around Kobe & the Lakers during the off-season, both have played extremely well thus far this season.  Early times yet, and a 17-10 record is nothing brilliant, nor has enough ‘season’ elapsed to declare the Lakers even playoff bound… but the signs are good – for both Kobe & the Lakers.  
LA seem to be only a ‘piece’ away from being an actual contender.  Whether that piece is an elite guard… or a forward… who can say.  But with the emergence of Andrew Bynum as one of the better young centers in the league, for the first time in years, things look rosy in LA. 
And Kobe himself, he has played with great balance, not trying to take over games, but not shying away from scoring either. 
His game today versus the New York Knicks was fantastic.  39 points, 11 rebounds & 8 assists in a 95-90 win over the Knicks in MSG…
And becoming the youngest player ever to reach 20,000 points.  Only the 31st player to ever have achieved this remarkable feat.





One response

30 12 2007

I think there is no other young players who can match the achievement Kobe did, not even LeBron. Kobe is truly the next MJ he is more worthy to be called as the “The King” than to LJ.

Lakers fan

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