Top Sports Stories in Japan…

31 12 2007

The glorious Yoko KumadaLast day of the year… and it’s been a good one.

Today’s top sports stories in Japan were:

  • Komazawa University aims for 6th Ekiden title (running/athletics)… [Daily YomiuriA grueling team-two-day 217.9-kilometer event that kicks off in the New Year…
  • Yomiuri Giants continue huge signings – now A-Ramirez (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriG’damn ’em, they are doing what they always do: just buying a contender…
  • Start of the National High School Rugby Tournament… [Mainichi ShimbunThe future of Japan’s rugby hopes, should be an interesting watch…
  • Yankee Matsui causes car crash in Tokyo… [Mainichi ShimbunFirst Leyritz, now Matsui?  What’s going on with those Yanks?
  • Kashima & Hiroshima to meet in the final of the Emperor’s Cup (soccer)… [Japan TimesMy money’s on Hiroshima…



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