A Christmas Thanks…

2 01 2008

Well, I’m back.  Still on holidays for a few more days, but I think I’ll be posting on a regular basis again.

Just like to issue a thanks to those that kept With Malice… going whilst I was away.  People that need thanks –
Mayor Dazeby?Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Muss
Jess Liekdee
Juan Sye
Hugh Sterno
Wendy Treetops-Glissen
Anne Chilldwren 
“Two Ears” Laybelle
Cindy Snow

Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Musswit
Avery Kriss
Miss Card
Di Wright
Mayor Dazeby
Merry-Anne Bright
Anna May Hall
York Kriss
Mrs B White

Thanks all…     😉




9 responses

2 01 2008

Genius. 🙂

2 01 2008


2 01 2008

Amazing! Did you write this? It took me three tries (a little dense, today, which has nothing to do with hangover, honest) but I got it.

2 01 2008

Gotta be honest Muse – I remember seeing something like this when I was a lil’ kid (many, many years ago). I do not remember the names, but the concept wasn’t mine…

3 01 2008

No need to thank me Don, honestly. I did nothing.

Boxing day test was blurry to say the least.

3 01 2008


Ya bugger, was waiting for your report on the test too!
Anyway, the above is a joke, a lark. Not one of the folks who wrote is named in that… Read it, and say it out loud.

5 01 2008

I don’t want to read it. I’ve never read anything you’ve written and I’m not about to start now.


7 01 2008

That was great! Once I figured out what it was, it was easier to decipher how the other names fit in. LOL

7 01 2008

Hey Abby, thanks! Good to see you about…


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