Top Sports Stories in Japan…

2 01 2008

Gorgeous with glasses - Ami TokitoFirst days of a New Year… 2007 was pretty momentous for me.  Hoping that 2008 can be pretty special too, for all of us!

Anyway, today’s top stories in Japan were:

  • Bright star with a future – Yosuke Kashiwagi (soccer)… [Daily YomiuriNational team manager Okada hopes for this guy to shine in Beijing…
  • Another Beijing hopeful – Atsunori Inaba (baseball)… [Daily YomiuriAt 35, Inaba hopes for Olympic glory…
  • Olympic Motivations… [Daily Yomiuri5 Japanese athletes who badly want success in Beijing…
  • Questions on how ‘Hoshino Japan’ will fare in Beijing (baseball)… [Japan TimesA good team, but Japan’s always had a fragile psyche – as put on display by Australia in the last Olympics…
  • 2008 will be an even whackier year in Japanese Sports?… [Japan TimesI certainly hope so… lots of material for blogging!



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