Top Sports Stories In Japan…

4 01 2008

ChiakiBit of a trip to the country (visiting wife’s relatives), but finangled internet access!

Anyway, today’s top stories in Japan are:

  • Komazawa gets Ekiden lead back (running)… [Daily Yomiuri Waseda loses lead to the traditional Ekiden powerhouse…
  • Ai-Chan books Beijing ticket (table-tennis)… [Daily YomiuriJapan’s favourite ping-pong daughter is headed to the Olympics – sure to be big news throughout the Olympics…
  • Takata powers Matsushita Electric in the Rice Bowl (US Football in Japan)… [Japan Times Corporate football beats Collegiate nearly every time…
  • Choi declared dead (boxing)… [Japan TimesSouth Korean Boxer Choi Yo Sam is taken off life support following his falling into a coma post his victory over Heri Amol…
  • Torre not keen to answer the Clemens question… [Japan TimesSurprised?  If there’s stuff to know, Joe knows.  Refusal to answer speaks pretty loud…
  • Leyritz is in a world of hurt… [Japan TimesGuy is gonna burn on this…



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