Searching For Failure In New England

11 01 2008

I hope the Pats stumble…

Call it schadenfreude or whatever, but I hope they don’t win it all. 
Call me bitter. 
The pursuit of perfection in New England has me miffed. 
The very fact that no-one else in the NFL looks to be able to stop this inevitable march irks me no end.

That’s there’s humility and a total lack of ‘song and dance’ from within the Patriots organisation annoys.  That they’re just going out and getting the job done, going about the task of winning – week-in-week-out… well, I find it intolerable! 


Well, it all starts with Bill Belichick of course. 
The fact that this somewhat-lumpen man in a non-descript hoodie, this no-nonsense, matter-of-fact coach has successfully instilled a take-no-prisoners expectation to win in his team… it’s an affront I cannot ignore!
Mr Perfection, Tom Brady. Bleh.Tom Brady? Why he’s everything bad about anybody! Handsome, charming, seemingly always at ease regardless of whether it’s on the field or in front of a camera, and now the MVP… outrageous!

Randy Moss… don’t get me started! What happened to that oh-so-reliable diva, the miscreant we came to know and love at the Vikings and (even more so) the Raiders? Used to be he could be relied upon for the weekly tantrum, but now? Damnit… he’s become the ultimate team-guy, the wide-receiver who does whatever he needs to to get it done! Selfish? Nope, Randy’s just as happy drawing double (triple?) coverage that in turn opens up Wes Welker or another of the selfless corp at NE. Disgraceful!!

And that group of linebackers? They’re old, and most of them should have retired YEARS ago! Who cares that pretty much every time they step on the field they’re one of the best units out there! Abominable, I say!

Why, this team has sense of entitlement only rivalled by the ferocity with which they play each game… each phase… each and every down.

Colts v PatsWho’s going to stop them?  Certainly not Jacksonville, who barely managed to eke out a win against the Steelers. 
Not the San Diego Chargers, who have to get beyond a highly motivated Indianapolis to even meet New England. 
Maybe Indianapolis… who struggled with the Patriots at their own RCA Dome, but can they even stay in the game at NE’s Foxborough? 
And anyone from the NFC… ?  Don’t make me laugh…

No, the only team that can stop New England is… New England.  And damnit, I don’t think they’re gonna.

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3 responses

11 01 2008

I Strongly Disagree with you, it was New England who had to struggle and out of luck, barely won against Indianapolis, and Believe or not, the Home factor is not a failsafe in the Playoffs… Jacksonville is extremely capable of beating them, thanks to a great Rushing game that can keep the pats offense out of the field, against the old Pats defense… and if Green Bay or Dallas get in the mood, they can really be harmful… Think about the perfect record and remember that 6 of those victories were against the Bills, the Jets and the Dolphins… And the pats have won many games this season out of sheer luck (Remember the Monday Night Game against Baltimore? And the week Before against the mediocre Eagles?)

And History is against their side… in The 42 years of Super Bowl History, no QB who has been leader in yards through the season has ever won a Super Bowl… 0 out of 42, and only 3 of them have ever made it to the big game (Rich Gannon in 2002, Kurt Warner in 2001 and Dan Marino in 1984)

11 01 2008

Strongly? Really… you strongly disagree that it’s likely the Pats will win the Superbowl? Really???
Ignoring the fact that Las Vegas has them as 71% favorites to take it all (which means everyone else totals at 29%), your assertions on history and statistics are meaningless. How many teams have gone 16-0 throughout a regular season Chapu? Rhetorical question, the answer is 0.

I’ll assert the obvious yet again, the only team that’ll defeat the Patriots, is New England.

13 01 2008
Aaron Becker

I remember towards the end of Randy’s Viking tenure, he was getting very pissed off at a lot of players for caring more about where they were going to party (that night) after a loss than winning a football game. That’s why he walked off the field with 2 seconds left after the Redskin loss s few seasons ago. And when he did it, I was glad he did it, cause it was pathetic losing to those dinks like that.

Something must have stuck, cause after the Vikes backed into the playoffs anyway, they beat the Packers for a road playoff game – 1st time ever.

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