Top Sports Stories in Japan…

11 01 2008

Glorious Misako YasudaAmazing… the dominating news on the sub-continent, Australia and in many countries around the world fails to have any import what-so-ever here.  Lends perspective…

Today’s top sports stories in Nippon are:

  • Cabrera & Buffs reach a deal (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriThis deal has a clause written into it voiding it if he tests positive for anything…
  • Oh not counting on Saito for 08 (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriHawks skipper doesn’t think his ace will be ready post off-season shoulder surgery…
  • Japan gets youngest Pro ever (golf)… [Mainichi Shimbun16 years, 3 months old, Ryo Ishikawa turns professional.  Expresses a desire to one day play golf with Tiger Woods…
  • Asa’s make or break tourny (sumo)… [Japan TimesAfter almost half a year away, will Asashoryu still have ‘the right stuff’?…



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15 11 2010
Sexy Spider Man

She is looking hot 😛

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