What Precedent?

11 01 2008

Many people in the media, especially one Peter Roebuck, have suggested Australia’s celebrations after winning the second against India in Sydney last week display arrogance and poor sportsmanship and that they are setting an ugly precedent. Are people suggesting that after one has claimed victory in a close contest, one has to ignore the human urge to celebrate in a fitting manner?

Some local media even suggested that the Australians were turning sport into war with their supposed “attitude towards opponents”. I don’t recall Ponting and his men sharing their vanquished virgins and slaughtering cattle for a great feast.

India were recently crowned the inaugural World Champions of the much shortened and oft-maligned version of the game. Celebrations in their home country were wild to say the least. More importantly though, their players celebrated on the field in a manner dictated by the circumstances. The teams were even at the end of play and a “bowl off” had to take place much like the penalty shoot out in football. When the Pakistan team missed with their third attempt to put India 3 – 0 up for an unassailable lead and quite remarkable win the scene among the Indian players was absolute pandemonium.

In comparison, the scenes from the Australian test side were no worse yet suddenly they are the ogres of the sporting world. Why is it the case that the best teams and players in the world of sport are those that we most often point our fingers at?

Why is it that only the best are the ones who set precedents?

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4 responses

11 01 2008

Excellent point Brad, and one that every critic is conveniently ignoring at the moment.

Why should ebullience be curbed anyway?

11 01 2008

it is ridiculous!

the aussies celebrated the sameway as the Indians just like the rest of the world! They do the same in Football after a win!

14 01 2008

Yep, Aussies have every right to celebrate widly since they all are monkeys. Lol!

14 01 2008

Very classy Matt, very classy.

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