Top Sports Stories in Japan…

12 01 2008

Kinda sports-related… Ami with a basketball! ;)Weekend begins, lotsa stuff to do, but hey!  A 3-day weekend here!


Today’s top sports stories in Nihon are:

  • Epi Taione to leave Japan’s Wild Knights, to play with S14’s Sharks (rugby)… [Daily YomiuriA Tongan to play for a South African side.  This is HUGE…
  • Taka to become highest-paid soccer player in Japan… [Daily YomiuriNot altogether sure this was wise…
  • Yamamoto & Horiuchi elected to NPB HoF… [Daily YomiuriTwo fantastic former players who well deserve being in the Hall of Fame…
  • 3 sumo wrestlers from Tokitsukaze stable to miss again… [Mainichi ShimbunAll 3 were involved in the fatal beating of Takashi Saito…
  • Tokyo submits Olympic bid for 2016… [Japan TimesFirst city to submit a bid…
  • Buffs acquire Powell (NPB)… [Japan TimesHard-throwing Jeremy Powell heads to Orix…



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