Shots Across The Bow, With Malice

14 01 2008

Lots going on in sports, especially Down Under, and lots of stuff happening with the big 3 US sports… time for some commentary.

  • NFL – the NE Patriots have to be happy about the big favour San Diego did them. I had Indianapolis penciled in as the only team with an outside chance to beat New England. Does anyone really think that the Chargers can get it done?
  • Strahan…The Giants came good at the right time – beating Dallas 21-17, and despite America’s team amassing a 13-3 record this season, will it be enough to save Wade Phillips’ job?
    Jason Garrett was hired with an aim to eventually have him as head coach… but unless they pay him the money to keep him in Dallas, there are ample jobs out there – and both he & Tony Sparano will be interviewed for them.
    From my perspective, I think that’d be pretty tough to dump Phillips after a damn good season, regardless of the result in the playoff departure. Jones is no fool, and will keep the low-key Phillips. For the Cowboy’s sake, he should pay Garrett to keep him in Dallas. Sparano will probably depart tho’…
  • NBA now… I copped a bit of flack around the various sporting networks on my condemning of the Chicago Bulls in NBA Opinions With Malice – Sweet Home Chicago… ummm… but post recent developments in Chi-town, could anyone doubt that there are still huge problems with the Bulls? The players have taken over, with a ‘veteran’ guard who barely plays 3 minutes a game (Adrian Griffin) and an over-the-hill, over-paid center (Ben Wallace) seemingly taking the reigns.
    The suspension of Joakim Noah for yet another game by player-vote, is out of line. So is the 21 point loss to Atlanta.
    Bulls fans aren’t happy, and if Paxson doesn’t fix this soon – and decide where this team is headed (playoffs or lottery), then it will cost him his job.
    And rightly so.
  • The situation involving Brian McNamee & Roger Clemens is getting over the top. Clemens macho posturing and constant story changes, when held against the backdrop of McNamee’s consistency really doesn’t help me believe the Rocket… reminds me quite a bit of
  • ‘Monkey-gate’ in Australia at the moment. Harbhajan/India continually change the story regarding what happened during the 2nd test at the SCG, whilst Andrew Symonds steadfastly holds to his story that Harbhajan Singh called him a ‘monkey’… thus fueling a furor not seen for many a year in cricket.
    Oh wait… we saw it but a year ago when India/Pakistan made early exits from the ODI World Cup. Ho-hum…
  • Paceman Brett Lee should enjoy the WACA wicket…On this, it’s disappointing that when I’ve tried to engage some cricketing blogs on this, comments (any?) don’t go up if you’re not in agreement with the blog’s viewpoint… pity that.
  • The 3rd test between Australia and India starts this week in Perth, and the WACA’s wicket is a paceman’s dream. Cannot see this game going too long
  • Bizarre stuff at New York Knicks, huh? Comes to the point where everyone things that it’s pointing to Dolan actually growing a pair and sacking Isiah, and then the Knicks absolutely DESTROY the Detroit Pistons, 89-65! Not entirely sure that’s a good thing for the franchise…
  • Houston’s woes continue with a loss to New Orleans. No shame in being beaten by the Hornets this season, but the Rockets have to start winning soon, if they’re to make the playoffs.
  • The now-injured Andrew BynumLakers/Memphis game just finished with the Lakers only just managing to eke out a win 100-99, and Andrew Bynum suffered a knee injury…
    Terrible stuff, and this when he was playing soooo well… It also resulted in Kwame Brown playing 25 minutes of awful stuff on Pau Gasol. Scores are equal, and Brown misses A DUNK with less than 10 seconds to go that would’ve put LA up by 2. Gets free throws, and does get the one that wins it, but misses the second to give the Grizz a shot… Hell, given Brown’s a 38% foul shooter, I should be happy he got the ONE!  Egads man, egads.

That’s all for now… yours in sports!

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