Blogsifting – Bring On The 3rd Test

15 01 2008

TV Drama actress, Yui IchikawaWell, post a phenomenal weekend of sports, more to follow this week.  On the antipodean side of things, Australia start the 3rd Test against India tomorrow… and I would seem to have upset some of the Indians in blogfrica recently – not my intent, but it was my intent to provide at least a little bit of balance to the furor, and provide an ‘Australian’ viewpoint.  I make no apologies for my nationality, nor should I need to.

Anyway, some phenomenal stories out there – here are but a few…

  1. First there was fire, then soccerThe Beautiful Game.
  2. More video – this time a wrap-up of TO’s defense of Romo… courtesy of the guys over at Five Tool Tool.
  3. Getting ready for big games – Deadspin reminds us of LT’s love of all things Patriot.
  4. The Ghosts of Wayne FontesRupert’s rant on the NY Times… hey, I enjoyed it.
  5. Disabled athlete has too much of an advantage?  Check it out by 100% Injury Rate, now writing at FanIQ!
  6. Andrew Bynum’s out, and MVN Lakers Library‘s Ed Ziti says ‘Get C-Webb!’
  7. Listen to Shorty.  Picking against the spread, Shorty picked both the Chargers and the Giants to take the points (tho’ he did pick the Colts/Cowboys to win – he did get the bets right!)… milk was a bad choice…



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