NBA MVP – Who?

21 01 2008

The NBA is nearing the half-way point, and many players are having phenomenal years. I’m always interested to hear what other people’s thoughts are regards to who’s having the best season… So, I asked: Who do you think is going to win the MVP for this NBA season?

KGRob, (posting here as brumbygg9) – MVP? Which player does the most to take his team to a higher level and lift those round him with his performances and sheer presence? For mine, it has to be Kevin Garnett who has done more than anyone to lift a moribund franchise and take it to heights this Celtics fan was afraid he’d never see again. Kobe and LeBron will always score more points, but I don’t think any other player has as big an impact on those around him as KG.

100% Injury Rate, Fan IQ– I’ll go with KG for right now.

Steve Goldman, MVN’s Born And Raised– After much thought, my pick for MVP is Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. Its true that KG doesn’t score like Kobe or LeBron, nor does he do everything on the court like Kobe or LeBron. The truth is, he doesn’t have to. What he does do is average a double double, something which both Bryant and James have been unable to do so far this season.When you watch him play, you get excited. The adrenalin gets going, and you concentrate on nothing but the game, not wanting to miss a single second. He has made the Celtics exciting to watch, and in a short period of time, this team has begun to return to its former glory.
He has a real commitment to winning games and has got everyone talking about him and his team.
If you check the records, most if not all MVP awards went to players on teams that did well in the season. With Kevin Garnett leading the way, the Celtics are favorites to win the East.

My two runners up, Kobe and LeBron, are both on teams that may not do so well.
The Cavs lack depth while the Lakers have lost their starting center to injury for 8 weeks.
Currently, Garnett is averaging 19 points, 10 rebounds and his FG% is .551. He wants a ring and he wants it real bad. This season with the Celtics is his best chance of getting that ring, and he is giving 110% to get that ring.

Brian Spencer, Empty The Bench – Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers – Before the season began I was leaning towards KG, but the circumstances have since changed–recognition as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player is Kobe’s to win or lose, and I can’t see him coming up short. Having elevated his Lakers to the best record in the uber-competitive Western Conference, Bryant was already having an incredible season before Andrew Bynum crumpled to the floor with a left knee injury. It’s now on him to once again shoulder the hopes of an entire franchise without much help in the middle for the next two months, and there’s something about the skip in his step that assures me he’s up for the challenge.

Kobe, #24If/when the Lakers finish the regular season atop the Pacific Division, it’ll largely have happened because of Kobe’s Herculean effort in February and March. Very few expected this Lakers team to be amongst the NBA’s best, so because of his top-tier production, his commendable dedication to becoming more of a leader, and his team’s success, Kobe should win the MVP Award rather handily.

Patrick, Give Me The Rock– If you’ll allow me to throw in my two cents, I’m throwing caution to the wind and going with Kobe. Although I hate the guy, there is no doubt he’ll pick up his game and carry the Lakers on his back while Bynum is out. We’ll probably see his scoring average jump to over 30 by the end of the year and he’ll get a lot of press when he goes for 50+ a couple times. If he can hold the Lakers at or near the top of the Western Conference for the rest of the season (and the Cavs slide into the playoffs while playing .500 ball) he’ll be the MVP favorite. Of course, if the Lakers stumble without Bynum, then this prediction looks pretty stupid.

S2N, Signal To Noise – If the Lakers manage to survive 8 weeks without Bynum and wind up with something higher than a 7 spot in the playoffs, it has to be Kobe — the Lakers were on a run we didn’t think possible this year because he was sitting back, trusting his team, yet being the catalyst.

Close second: Chris Paul, who may be the Baron Davis of this season — willing a team with talent to the point where they are learning how to win and be a threat for a playoff spot.
(The problem is that you can’t collectively give the award to the Celtics’ big three.)

Roy, RoY then MVP?Darren Heitner, I Want To Be A Sports Agent – MVP: Brandon Roy Reason – As of writing my reasoning, the Blazers have won 5 of their last 6 and 18 of their last 20 games. He received 127 of 128 first place votes for last year’s Rookie of the Year award and is following up his phenomenal rookie year by leading a team that was looked over in the beginning of the year. The team only made headlines for losing its #1 pick, Greg Oden, to injury.

College Wolf, T-WolvesBlog– LeBron James – This season presents us with more deserving candidates than in many previous campaigns. My pre-season (and early season) favorite for the MVP award was Kevin Garnett. However, unless the Celtics win a historic amount of games or KG continues to put up numbers across the board like he has done in seasons past, I don’t think he’ll have enough support for the MVP. At this point in the season, it does not appear that the Celtics will be winning a record number of games, and all KG’s numbers are (perhaps unsurprisingly) down. He is averaging less than 10 rebounds per game for the first time in 10 years!

King JamesGranted, KG is still playing very well and the Celtics are winning, but one cannot overlook LeBron’s otherworldly numbers. Statistically, LeBron is blowing away the competition… and it’s not even close. He’s averaging 30 points, 8 boards, and over 7 assists per game. No one else in the league is capable of such dominant and versatile play. Cleveland isn’t exactly tearing up the win column, but they do still have a winning record and the 6th best record in the East. More importantly, can you imagine how truly awful Cleveland would be without LeBron? They would be one league’s bottom feeders, with little hope for the future. That alone proves LeBron’s worth to his team out on the court.

This season a large number of players are all making excellent cases for as to why they should be considered in the MVP discussion. However, LeBron’s mind-blowing statistics and the fact that his team, a hodgepodge of garbage, has a winning record must catapult LeBron to the top of the discussion. You can make a case for other players, but to not include LeBron in at least the Top 3 is sheer lunacy.

For the rest of this week, we’ll be featuring the opinions of writers from all over Blogfrica… stay tuned… same bat-place, same bat-channel…

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19 responses

21 01 2008
Steve "Nursedude"

We in Minnesota are still devestated by losing KG. It’s good to see that he will have a chance to win an NBA title with the Celtics. I think he merits serious consideration as an MVP. He, Kobe and LeBron give rise to question: where would their respective teams be without them. Here in Minnesota, without KG, we are in a position to break the old Philadlephia 76’rs record for regular season futility(9-73).

21 01 2008
Aaron Becker

I’ve always had respect, like most other NBA fans, for Garnett. I hate to say it, but Kobe gets serious consideration, too. But my argument is, that you can attribute the level of Boston’s success to Kevin. I mean, how many other teams have a 1-2 punch and are basically average playoff teams at best? Kevin is a rarity for his size as a passer. And remember, the main question before the season started, was could Boston’s 3-some carry all those very average (at best) players?

Boston has two very good shooter/scorers, but then again, a lot of other teams do, too. I also think that Garnett’s passion brought that (needed) extra defensive attitude that so many coaches just can’t drill into these overpriced “stars”.

What has my world come too? I’m respecting my dreaded boyhood basketball enemy in the Celtics? I can’t wait till I wake up!

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21 01 2008
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22 01 2008

It’s coming down between Kobe and KG this season. Kobe gets my vote if the Lakers can hold on to a winning record without Bynum.

22 01 2008

I think Kobe’s time has finally come. Unfortunately Lakers will probably go down in the standings with the injuries to Bynum and Ariza, but before they went down, Kobe was (by far) the best player on the best team out West. He’s also considered (by most coaches) the best offensive and defensive player in the league. So go ahead and give the man what he deserves.

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22 01 2008

Some very good points brought out in the comments too.
How the Lakers do sans Bynum/Ariza is going to be pivotal (now there’s a sentence I never saw myself writing…).

22 01 2008

Chris Paul. 20-10-3 has never been done before and he’s close. Plus, his team has made a major improvement from last year when he was hurt.

22 01 2008
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24 01 2008

i never really liked kobe bryant.ever. i just dont like his style of play and selfishness. but i have to admit that this season, he is a legitimate contender for the MVP award. he deserves a nod in the MVP race this season..

4 03 2008
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11 03 2008
El Twixta

I hear alot about kobe garnett but i guess everyones seems to underestimate LEBRON JAMES before clevland had accuired LEBRON JAMES they were one of the worst teams in the nba. Just alone Lebron has single handly brought clevland from unknown to an nba finalist caliber team. and kobe has not shown or prove me anything he only has 81 points under his belt to prove but since shaq left he has not done anything but cry for help……….LEBRON MADE IT TO THE FINALS IN 4 YAERS BY HIMSELF AND THIS YEAR JUST TEARING UP EVERYBODY 32.2 PG 8 ASSIST PG AND 8 REBOUNDS PG NUMBER ONE SCORER IN THE NBA AND A HIGHLIGHT TO REMMEMBER 10,000 POINTS BY DUNKING ON GARNETT MVP WHO? MVP BELONGS TO LEBRON JAMES YOU WILL ALL BECOME A WITNESS………………

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