Top Sports Stories in Japan…

22 01 2008

Delightful… Ami TokitoVery cold day today…
And it’s probably not even that cold by you Northern Americans’ standards!

Anyway, today’s top sports stories in Ol’ Japan are:

  • Hakuho holds court (sumo)… [Daily Yomiuri]   Watched a huge battle between Asa/Ama, but Hakuho is still #1…
  • Ai-chan ready to dump prestigious Waseda University (table tennis)… [Mainichi ShimbunGetting ready for the Olympics and studying is too much for Japan’s table-tennis princess…
  • Honda debuts for VVV Venlo (soccer/football)… [Japan TimesAnd they drew with PSV Eindhoven… not bad for a guy who transferred over from my local Nagoya Grampus 8…



One response

22 01 2008

Don,You are right there, Mate. In Minneapolis, it was a balmy -25c on Saturday Morning.(that did not factor in wind chill, with the hard wind, the wind chill was -30c) So much for global warming!

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