Top Stories In Japan…

23 01 2008

Damn nice…As we all head into preparations for Super Bowl week, there’s still a helluva lotta other sport going on…

Today’s top stories in Sports-Japan are:

  • Top League rugby wrap-up… [Daily YomiuriDynaboars to be relegated, and John Kirwan explores who’s going to play in the national squad…
  • Hakuho handed first loss (sumo)… [Daily YomiuriHakuho loses, and suddenly there’s a 3-way tie at the top, including Asashoryu… getting interesting…
  • BoSox happy to repay Japan for star imports… [Daily Yomiuri Boston appreciates the impact Dice-K & Okajima had on their team last year…
  • Shimoyanagi OKs two year deal (NPB)…. [Japan Times 39 year old pitcher signs with the Hanshin Tigers…
  • Former national coach Osim to attend Japan Friendly (soccer/football)… [Japan TimesOsim will attend the match between his homeland (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the nation he coached…



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