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25 01 2008

Megumi AsakuraWhat a busy week… and only going to get busier next week with the Super Bowl just around the corner… interestingly enough, had a brief visit from the zany Rice Girl on the blog (I think).  It’s looking more & more likely that her Pats are going to get the job done…

To Infinity & BEYOND!!!Anyway… here’s some stuff I found interesting…

  1. An interesting piece by those guys at Deuce of Davenport… discussing the story surrounding the Mayor of DC wants the Redskins back in Washington.
  2. Ed Ziti (MVN Lakers’ Library) wasn’t happy with the performance of the Spurs versus the Lakers the other night…
  3. Darren McFadden’s looking for the big payday… related to us all by that sports agent impresario extraordinaire, Darren Heitner – over at I Want To Be A Sports Agent.
  4. Who’s going to be supported by the excellent blog Five Tool Tool in the Super Bowl?  Find out at What’s A Football Fan To Do?
  5. Larry Brown‘s had enough of the idiocy surrounding around Tom Brady’s bootLarry Brown Sports.
  6. Thoughts on the various codes of Football from Dave’s Football Blog
  7. Check out Signal To Noise‘s article – My Favourite Super Bowl… excellent read.

Appearing in a few other places over the last few days…

  • Chicago Sports Weekly’s Scooped has two pieces about the less-than-appropriate Cubs’ Fukudome promotion (1, 2)…
  • Sports Tech Now have an interview I did with them…



One response

25 01 2008

Thoughts on the various codes of Football from Dave’s Football Blog…”

None of the more important code covered though Don. Very disappointing.

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