Goodbye Gilly – Australia vs India ~ 4th Test (Day 5 In Play)

28 01 2008

That would describe the innings Australia amassed during Day 4 of the Adelaide test.

Adam Gilchrist - his last day of Test CricketStill, by having India bat part of the last session, and by taking Pathan’s wicket oh-so-cheaply… there is a glimmer of hope. A small shimmer of possibility… a tiny little sparkle of … well, you get the idea. In yesterday’s thread I stated that Australia needed to bat viciously during day 4, and amass a huge lead – sending India into bat in the last session of day 4 with a lead of 150 or so… they did send India into bat, but the batting was a little forgettable.

Day 5 finds India ahead by 8 runs, with a first innings tally of 526 and a second innings of 45/1 (thus far)… to Australia’s 1st innings of 563.
Whilst there have been some very good individual scores, neither side’s been particularly dashing. Centuries to Tendulkar (153), Hayden (103), Ponting (140) and Clarke (118) were all great… but only Sachin’s had anything remotely resembling a swashbuckling performance.
India’s first innings had a run rate of 3.44, Australia set a pedestrian 3.11.

It’s a pity that this test will be the last that Adam Gilchrist plays in – as it’s likely that it will end in a draw, and his first innings total of 14 is in no way indicative of the man’s ability. Hopefully, the ODI series will provide sufficient staging for his fare-thee-well.

So… Day 5. Verinder Sehwag’s on 31, and Rahul Dravid’s 11.

Let’s go.

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7 responses

28 01 2008

India 83/1, but Dravid retired hurt after Lee hit him in the finger with a nasty delivery.

Sehwag’s on 65, and Tendulkar’s on 4.

Any chance of a result in this test is fast slipping away…

28 01 2008

Aaaand finishing up work & lunch, coming back to the cricket.
Even tho’ there’s still a glimmer of hope for Australia, this match appears inevitably headed towards a draw.

India are now 186/4, with a 149 run lead over Australia.
Sehwag’s made an excellent knock of 119… and the ‘out’ batsmen today have been Tendulkar for 13, Ganguly for 18, and just a few minutes ago Laxman for 12.

Dhoni’s up, but for there to be any chance at all for a result, Australia must strike, and fast.

28 01 2008

Good morning/afternoon…

Had Sachin not atempted that suicidal run earlier this morning, India may have amassed some more and perhaps even thought of a sporting declaration. That no longer seems likely. But from an Indian standpoint, Sehwag’s form is a good thing. Did not watch the game at all today, so don’t know if Sehwag was swashbuckling as he usually is, or hunkered down and played a disciplined knock, without fishing outside the off stump. Nah… I think I know the answer already.

Would be interesting to hear/see what Gilchrist says post-match. Indications are that he wants to get something off his chest……

28 01 2008

India didn’t ‘go for victory’ at all in this match. It was a strange approach from the position of 1 – 2 down. And about the only thing I imagine Gilchrist might want to get off his chest is the protector pad.

28 01 2008

I too was disappointed that India did not do more to try and force a win. But I suppose with R P Singh hurt and Kumble not 100% fit, it would have been hard to get the Aussies out anyway. And one never knows what is a “good” total to defend. If all bowling resources at his disposal were fit, Kumble may have been willing to defend 250 runs, giving Ponting and his men 2 sessions to get them in. But with a depleted side, he ran the risk of allowing the Aussies canter to victory- and he would never have lived it down.

Do you think the ODIs will be closely contested too? With Dhoni and Yuvraj in lacklustre form, I suspect the series may be more one-sided than I’d like it to be. But before the ODIs, there is the minor matter of a T20 match. I am sure India would be keen to make it a hat-trick of wins against Australia, while Ponting and his men would like to prove that what happened was little more than a blip on the radar screen.

28 01 2008

Before the ODIs there’s the ‘minor matter’ of the Harbhajan Singh appeal. Word is India will pull out if the charge is not downgraded or thrown out.

30 01 2008

Well… the Fourth test was a real battle… I had to battle the yawns all the time I watched it… 😦
Aussies were playing for the series, didn’t want to risk it I guess, Indians… at their inexplicable best… hence no comments…
Surely will miss Gilchrist, it was fun & enchanting watching him play… good bye Gilly, hope you have a fantastic time ahead.
Question: Who replaces him? Haddin?
That said, I retire and enjoy my vacation while it lasts…
Catch you guys again in the One days… bubyeeeeeeeeeeeee…

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