Super Bowl Week – Who’s Gonna Win?

28 01 2008

Superbowl XLIIAs we head into the countdown for Super Bowl XLII, I asked a few people around the traps who they thought would win, what the score would be, and who would be the MVP.
Here’s what they thought:

  • Joe from BustedCoverage – Patriots win, 34-17… MVP’s Tom Brady
  • Brandon at Storming The Floor – New England wins with the score: 31-24. MVP is Wes Welker
  • The enigmatic Jack Cobra of Cobra Brigade predicts – Patriots win 42-14 and Tom Brady is your Super Bowl MVP
  • Ryan McNeill of the excellent Hoops Addict tells me that that Pats will win with a 31-13 scoreline, and that Randy Moss will be MVP.
  • Jeff from states it’s another Boston victory – New England Patriots winning 31-17, Wes Welker’s the MVP.
  • Str8Hoops‘ Chris didn’t tell me who the MVP would be, but he did tell me that the Pats would win 34-13.
  • Epic Carnival‘s impresario Doug predicts a slaughter in Phoenix, with the Pats running out 49-13 victors. MVP – Tom Brady.
  • Andrew Isaac of The World Of Isaac thinks Tynes kicks the game winner. Plaxico is the MVP… with the Giants upsetting the Pats to the tune of 24-21.
  • Simon On Sports‘s Simon prognosticates: A Pats win, 34-23… Mike Vrabel is MVP
  • Mr Perfection, Tom Brady. Bleh.Darren Heitner – I Want To Be A Sports Agent – tells me the Patriots win, the score will be 27-24, and MVP? Tom Brady…
  • The ever-cynical Eric Angevine tells me: “Advertisers and corporate lackeys will win the superbowl.”
  • DMtShooter – Five Tool Tool – has the “…um, Patriots 35, Giants 20, and a mild surprise MVP in Maroney.”
  • Brett, reader here & friend in Japan: Pats up 35-28… Maroney gets the MVP.
  • Either Rupert or Stan of The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes thinks there’ll be an upset with the Giants winning 28-27, Phil McConkey for MVP…
  • Ed Ziti of MVN’s Lakers Library states: “Shockey and Tiki are gone, so Eli can finally have control of his team. Giants 31 Pats 28 Giselle Bundchen MVP” … Giselle to do a Jessica?
  • JP from Pyle of List predicts Patriots 31, Giants 21. MVP: Tom Brady “… I know it’s boring but I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to give it to Dreamboat.
    I actually expect a good batch of commercials this year too.”
  • Regular commenter here, Rob (brumbygg9) thinks “…Patriots take it 37 – 20 with the unimaginative of Tommy Terrific getting the MVP nod.”
  • Sooze of Babes Love Baseball fame thinks that “…I’m gonna go with little Manning by a field goal, just to mix it up.”
  • Neate Sager coming to you from out of Out Of Left Field says that the scoreline will read Pats 41, Giants 24… with Asante Samuel as MVP.

Me? Well, it’s a hard Super Bowl for me to cheer for anyone, I despise New York teams… but now Boston’s getting right up there for the ‘dislike quotient’… I’ll be cheering for the underdog Giants, but I fear the Patriots will win: 34-28. Brady will be MVP. Damn him.




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28 01 2008
Football » Super Bowl Week - Who’s Gonna Win?

[…] withmalice wrote a fantastic post today on “Super Bowl Week – Whoâs Gonna Win?”Here’s ONLY a quick extractJeff from states it’s another Boston victory – New England Patriots winning 31-17, Wes Welker’s the MVP. Str8Hoops‘ Chris didn’t tell me who the MVP would be, but he did tell me that the Pats would win 34-13. … […]

28 01 2008
Aaron Becker

Who’s gonna win? Hopefully me and whatever I bet on 😉

28 01 2008

Eff Tom Brady right in the effing ass.


29 01 2008

I agree that it is harder to root for any professional Team in any sport. If you are from Minnesota, like me, all you have to do is see David Ortiz with the Sox(to be fair, he was always hurt with the Twins), KG now with the Celtics, Moss now with the Patrioits, and now the Red Sox trying to get Johan Santana from the Twins…I used to live in Boston as the kid, loved the area when I lived there, but I have had it up to here with anything Bostonian. Go Giants.

29 01 2008

Agreed Steve… however, given that New York is home to the Yankees, the Knicks, it’s damn hard to cheer for the Giants too!

29 01 2008

If it makes you feel better, Don, in spite of their name, the G-men actually play their games accross the river in New Jersey. (I still don’t know why they don’t call them the Jersey Giants or Jersey Jets) I am not one of these people who hate a well-run franchise…but Boston Fans are really working their up the unsufferable scale to go with Yankee, Cowboy… and Tokyo Yomuri Giants fans.

5 02 2008

[…] to those tipsters that tipped the New York Giants.  In my article Super Bowl Week – Who’s Gonna Win? – only Andrew Isaac (The World Of Isaac), Rupert/Stan of (The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes), Ed Ziti (MVN […]

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