Top Sports Stories in Japan…

29 01 2008

The Very Hot Haruka IgawaVery busy times… only a few days out from what’s probably the biggest sporting event on the US calendar – the Superbowl.

 Back to Japan:

Today’s top sports stories were…

  • Golf prodigy Ryo Ishikawa signs deal with Matsushita… [Daily YomiuriIshikawa signs a 500 million yen sponsorship deal (just over $US4.6 million) with electronics giant Matsushita (soon to be ‘Panasonic’).  Not bad for a 16 year old…
  • Hakuho still stoked over his victory against Asa (sumo)… [Daily YomiuriAnd so he should be.  A phenomenal win to take the Emperor’s cup…
  • England’s Yamauchi wins Osaka International Women’s Marathon… [Mainichi Shimbun Just finishes ahead of Japan’s Tomo Morimoto…
  • Japan held to a draw with Chile in Soccer Friendly… [Mainichi ShimbunThey’ll be unhappy with this – and rightly so.  World Cup qualifiers start February 6th…
  • Tiger Roars at the Buick Open… [Japan TimesYet again, the familiar sight of Tiger holding a trophy aloft…
  • Handball: Japan & South Korea face punishment over qualifying qualms… [Japan TimesLooks like this is inevitable, but the Asian Handball Federation is setting itself up against the International body in doing this… feathers’ll fly!



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