Sportscasters – The Blogosphere’s Top 10

31 01 2008

The sports site, Sports Media Challenge took on a massive task to get a list organised as to who bloggers thought were the most influential sportscasters. The resulting Top 10 was:

  1. Marv Albert - most influential?Marv Albert
  2. Bob Costas
  3. Peter Gammons
  4. Jon Miller
  5. Gus Johnson
  6. Al Michaels
  7. Dan Patrick
  8. Mike Tirico
  9. Dick Enberg
  10. Chris Fowler

Whilst I voted for Tirico, my top choice – Scott Van Pelt didn’t rank. Oh well…

Quotes from around the web on various sportscasters…

John Madden – “Madden might be a grammatically incorrect bovine-like figure, but his video games have allowed him to be one of the most followed voices in sports. If you’re able to understand what he has to say, you’re likely to agree with him.” Lion in Oil

“It simply doesn’t feel like a big baseball game if Joe Buck isn’t doing the play-by-play. He is the voice of October baseball to my generation. It’s just too bad he gets paired with Tim McCarver, who is simply terrible.” Phinsider

“Known for having Starbucks cappuccinos IV’d into his body during games, the ultra-frisky Johnson is actually quite enjoyable – when taking massive amounts of barbiturates. No, seriously, every March Madness game needs to be announced by Gus Johnson.” The Sports Hernia

“As a fan, Peter Gammons is one of the few sportscasters I’ll actually stop what I’m doing to listen to. The best thing about Gammons is nothing appears forced. He legitimately seems to love baseball and conveys a sense of pure joy that he’s actually getting paid to do what he does.”Maize n Brew

The likeable Mike Golic… sans GreenbergMike Golic – “When Golic’s not around partner Mike Greenberg, he’s insightful, blunt, and discusses sports with a bar-room honesty that is eminently likeable. When with Greenberg, hit that off switch.”With Malice…

“Brent Musberger – Always makes a game feel more important.” Joe Sports Fan

Marv Albert – “Best NBA guy ever, he also does a great job on the radio during NFL Games. Some legendary calls over the years…”YESS!!!!!”…” NFL Gridiron Gab

“Something about Josh Elliott and Scott Van Pelt reminds me of the ‘old’ days of Sportscenter, where the announcers are having fun, but not in an over-the-top, must-use-a-catchphrase manner.” The Big Lead

“The greatest announcer since Jesse “the Body” Ventura, Marv’s so good he can even make a Nets game watchable and make Continental Airlines Arena not feel like a 20,000 seat morgue. Marv should be broadcasting the NBA Finals every year until he doesn’t feel like doing it anymore. He’s the voice of basketball and should be treated that way, plain and simple.” The Sports Hernia

“Marv Albert is the bomb. Soooo good on NBA calls, as well as football on the radio with Boomer. I’d take Marv any day of the week, any sport. His 90s NBC telecasts were something I’ll always miss.” Behind the Steel Curtain

Trippin’ Bill Walton“Bill Walton. So over the top he’s a trip. Or should I say a long strange trip (it’s been).” Restrictor Plate This

Chris Fowler- “Host of the best sports show on TV, ‘College GameDay’, he was able to cover the BCS Title Game, rip the Pac-10 and Big 10 for refusing a playoff discussion, then go to the Australian Open. Fowler’s tennis work may actually be better than his college football work.” Alligator Army

“Bob Costas – Kind of an uninspired choice, but the guy really does a great job. Whether he’s doing Olympic stuff, the NBA, baseball, football… Costas never seems out of his depth or uninterested. He’s probably the most well rounded sportscaster I’ve ever watched.” Bleeding Green Nation

“Brent Musburger – Yeah, I know a lot of people can’t stand the guy. But when you hear his voice, you know that you’re probably watching something important. I can almost envision going out to dinner with the guy. . .”You are looking live. . .at a steak! And a baked potato! This might be the greatest steak in culinary history, ladies and gentlemen!”…” Daily Norseman

“James Brown – This guy could host anything and make it work. JB is a true television veteran and a class act. He always brings a level of intellect to a program that none of his peers can match.” Deuce of Davenport

“Barry Melrose: I’m a casual hockey fan, but I could see myself drinking 12 and listening to him tell stories. And he has great hair.” Busted Coverage

“Ron Jaworski. THE only football analyst with brains and personality. Infectiously geeky, always analytical without being obtuse, and perfect at what he does. Hyperbole does not cover how good he is at what he does.” Every Day Should Be Saturday

Annoying? SAS… “I will be shocked if [Stephen A. Smith] makes your list, unless ‘influence’ means ‘influenced me to change the channel.'” Dan Shanoff

“Marv Albert is an all-time great who’s fallen off his game recently, plus there’s the whole women’s underwear and biting thing that costs him respect.” With Leather

“[Bill Walton’s] speech is condescending. His voice sounds like he’s just returned from a month long stay at an Amsterdam “coffee” shop. His opinions are generally off the cuff instances of the first thing that leaps into or out of his mind.” Camden Chat

“I can’t stand Mike Tirico. I appreciate that he’s low-key, but he’s also boring as hell.” Third Quarter Collapse

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6 responses

31 01 2008

Younger viewers may not remember the late Curt Gowdy-an excellent baseball and football play-by-play guy. Jim McKay was the Bob Costas of the 1960’s and 1970’s. For people in my age group, Jim McKay WAS the voice of the Olympics on ABC. Among CURRENT broadcasters, that is a pretty comprehensive group that you have listed. Eventhough I am not a Dodgers fan, Vince Scully is excellent.

Dick Enberg deserves special mention because he still does such a good job at American Football, Tennis and when he did college basketball with Billy Packer and the late Al McGuire, he was super.

Among soccer announcers, I am a big fan of Martin Tyler.

Do you plan on adding a top 10 list of “color commentators”?

1 02 2008

Very interesting topic. Too bad I only recognize a few of them.

1 02 2008
Aaron Becker

Curt Gowdy may have been a Dodger, but I liked listening to him. So many stories from the past….

I knew Marv Albert would make his comeback from his sex fiasco years ago ;~) I personally never liked him that much to begin with.

1 02 2008
Aaron Becker

Madden was entertaining the 1`st few years he came out, but now, it’s just all the same ol. He mostly ruined MNF for me as I think you need 3 in the booth to announce that game.

2 02 2008

I always enjoyed Patt Summerall and Keith Jackson. And as a Arkansas Fan, Paul Eells was always the greatest.

2 02 2008

D1, nice catch on Summerall and Keith Jackson. Summerall was the ultimate pro. Jackson, a hall of fame college football broadcaster also did a serviceable job as a baseball broadcaster when ABC did baseball in the late 70’s, and he also did a good job on a variety of sports when ABC did the Olympics.

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