#1 Patriots Fan – Rice Girl, The Interview

1 02 2008

The Super Bowl is a mere few days away, and it’s with great pleasure that I bring to you an interview done with the New England Patriots’ #1 fan, Rice Girl.

Rice Girl, (aka Cheryl Monk and sometimes Cheryl Ling) makes a weekly video clip rapping her support for the Patriots, Rice Girl on YouTubewhich used to feature on YouTube, then – due to difficulties with censorship – moved to Burly Sports. She also has her own site at myricegirl.com.

For those of you new to Rice Girl: she’s Asian, she’s sometimes crass… and she’s hellishly buxom.

I contacted Rice Girl, and asked if she was interested in doing an interview… surprise, surprise – she was (given all the ‘fake’ interviews that happen out there on the blogosphere, I can assure you – this one’s the real deal!). So here goes – I present to you: Rice Girl, The Interview.

With Malice: How did the character of ‘Rice Girl’ come about?
Rice Girl: I invented the character while living and schooling in Hawaii…
WM: I’m a fan of the satire involved, but there are some people who don’t get it – does that bother you?
RG: Yes it bothers me that I could not smack them over the head.
WM: How did you come up with the idea of making your now-famous (infamous?) YouTube clips?
RG: I’ve been making “clips?” for a long time, back in the womb, but never got recognition…
WM: I’ve read that some of your clips were taken off YouTube, and that you were nearly banned – what was so offensive to them?
RG: Because the bitches couldn’t handle my gorgeous boobs.
WM: You’re now on Burly Sports – how is that working out for you? How did you first come to be on Burly Sports?
RG: www.burlysports.com are based out of NY, they contacted me in November 07 to make silly sports spoofs. We had a good chemistry, it was great till Monday, 1-28-08 all my videos are banned / hidden without warning, I was suddenly fired, and the owner hired some hoser to do a giants anthem in place of my fun loving harmless The infamous $1 bill pasties…video. Bastards…
WM: Where did the idea come from for the “$1 bill pasties”?
RG: My nipples were popping up too much when I rap “naked”(snitches were flaggin’ my videos and some got banned) , couldn’t afford Benjamin Franklins, but lots dollar bills, I taped them to chest so my nipples don’t show.
WM: I have to ask – I know you’re a huge Patriots fan – but why?
RG: It’s a long story, if you have a month or so, see my”why am I a patriots fan video” and Boston Herald did a story on me
WM: Have you had any response from New England, or any of the players?
RG: I suppose I might have, but never pay too much attention.
WM: Recently, there’s been talk of Tom Brady’s foot… what are your thoughts on ‘the Boot’? (response from Rice Girl in the Vid-clip)

WM: I’m guessing you’re tipping the Patriots for the Super Bowl – what will the score be, and who’s the MVP?
RG: 41-38 , me.
WM: Where will you be watching the game?
RG: In my rice field…
WM: Can the Giants win?
RG: When Eli Manning gets pregnant by TO…
WM: Ok… different team – I’m a Dolphins fan… do you think they’re going to get anyThe ever-buxom Rice Girl! better?
RG: Than 1-15? Err… nuh-uh.
WM: Any chance in doing a clip cheering for the Dolphins next season? Say… against the Bills?
RG: If someone foots the bill maybe…
WM: Well… thanks again so much for this! I think that the Giants have their hands full with New England, that’s for sure…
RG: Can I get your nude autograph?
WM: It’s in the mail… 😉

Geez, we were hoping that maybe this would equate into the site being sent a nude autographed picture of Rice Girl… oh well! 😉

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14 responses

1 02 2008

classy interview Don, way to keep it all above board. I for one vote on you NOT posting a naked autograph of yourself here……

1 02 2008

Hell Rob, I tried man… I tried.

1 02 2008
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1 02 2008

Although I hate this chick, pretty good interview Don

1 02 2008

lol… I think she’s pretty funny actually…
But thanks Isaac! 😉

2 02 2008
Bill Parcells

You all gonna send the poor girl your naked pictures as promised otherwise the Dophin will have a winless season.

2 02 2008

Indeed… ummm… ‘Bill’.
Tho’ still holding out on gettin’ hers! 😉

2 02 2008

what an idiot…her not you, Don

2 02 2008
Big Al

Not the greatest looker..But whose looking at the face and not that pair of well arranged silicone funbags !!

2 02 2008
Aaron Becker

I remember using the name ‘Rice Girl’ for one of the Spice girls back in the 90’s. It was meant to be derogatory/plain – good thing I can’t remember which one it was.

2 02 2008
Aaron Becker

Maybe she could answer a few questions from us posters post Super Bowl? ;~)

Like, does she, I mean….. do her ‘tah tah’s’ bounce when the Pats score?

Does she think my man Moss is Superfreaky?

2 02 2008

If she was going to pay for boobs, why’d she have them put all the way down there?

3 02 2008
Aaron Becker

>>If she was going to pay for boobs, why’d she have them put all the way down there?<<

More bounca for the buck?

6 09 2010


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