Blogsifting – Football Season Ending, And Beginning.

1 02 2008

Cute Eri KameiSome fantastic stuff out there at the moment… less than a week to the Super Bowl, but probably going to miss it, damnit.
Work… sigh.
Will be watching a delayed telecast in the evening at a friend’s house… annoying watching the thing on a Monday tho’.

Some sifted links… on Football (all codes!):

  1. Five worst Super Bowl commercials of all time… courtesy of Intentional Foul.
  2. The Meaningful Collateral complains about ESPN’s lack of Super Bowl highlights
  3. One season ends (NFL), another begins (AFL – Aussie footy). AFL Football Preview over at AFL Football Blog.
  4. The Superbowl: Who Scores? Hooker, line & sinker… The Naughty American‘s Sarah Schorno reveals all.
  5. Phenomenal story from a guy making a difference: No Fan Alone
  6. Ever wondered what cheerleaders do when they’re not cheerleading? End Zone Buzz shares NFL Cheerleaders In The Workplace.
  7. For all things ‘Football’ = Dave’s Football Blog. AFL highlight reel

Enjoy your Super Bowl…




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