Top Sports Stories in Japan…

1 02 2008

Definitely delectable - Yukie Kawamura

Damnit… bub gave me a cold.  Oh well. 
Really looking forward to the Super Bowl, and in a few hours I’ll put up an interview we did with the Pats’ #1 fan…
I dunno… I think the Giants do have a shot!

Anyway – today’s top sports-related stories in Japanese media were:

  • Indecision from Buffaloes lead to Powell switching to Hawks (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriBig coup for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.  Guy’s a quality pitcher…
  • Handball replay draws huge crowds… [Daily YomiuriEven tho’ sanctions have been threatened, it just goes to show that a lil’ controversy goes a long way…
  • Japan beats Bosnia 3-0 (soccer/football)… [Mainichi ShimbunExcellent victory for the Japanese lads, first win for Okada since he took the reigns from Osim…
  • Top Sumo Association positions decided with no elections… [Mainichi ShimbunYet another example that those that run Japan’s most traditional sport are stuck in the dark ages…
  • Trouble Brewing with that Powell signing (NPB)… [Japan TimesCould be a real storm brewing over this with Orix Buffaloes claiming that Jeremy Powell has already signed a contract with them…



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