Top Sports Stories in Japan…

5 02 2008

The yummy Miwa OshiroSuper Bowl’s over… and not many of us saw that coming, huh?  The only game the Patsies lose for the season is the big one.  Go figure.

Anyway, in today’s sports news in Japan:

  • PL punishes Powell (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriJeremy Powell gets to join the team he wanted to – the Hawks – but will have to wait until June 23rd to do so.  Ouch…
  • Sumo shaking up image – Takanohana signed to Board… [Daily YomiuriIn what appears to be an effort to polish their tarnished image, the very popular former Yokozuna Takanohana has been appointed to the sport’s executive body…
  • Former Dodger signs with Fukuoka Hawks (NPB)… [Japan TimesDennis Houlton.  No, I haven’t heard of him either…
  • Training camp begins (NPB)… [Japan TimesThe air’s still rather crisp, but the smack of leather on leather, the crack of leather on wood – familiar sounds across Japan at the moment…



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