NBA Mutterings With Malice

8 02 2008

Well hell… it sure has been an interesting time over the past week. Damon Stoudemire to the Spurs, Gasol to LA, and then Shaq to Phoenix. I’ll focus on the impact that has in a later post…

Around the NBA…

  • LA fell short against Atlanta, losing an 8 point lead, and basically throwing away the game in the final minute – eventually losing 98-95.
    Arriving in Atlanta at 4am from a NJ game the night before doesn’t help much…
    Five games into a 9 game road trip they have lost to Detroit (89-90); destroyed Toronto (121-101); won in Washington (103-91); beat up New Jersey (105-90)… then the loss to Atlanta. If the Lakers are to stay in touch with the best-of-the-West, they really need do better than .500 on this trip, which means they must win at least 2 of the last 4 games of this roadtrip. The good news is who they play – at Orlando,The King Miami, Charlotte, Minnesota.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing some good basketball at the moment… well… to be truthful: LeBron James is playing some good basketball at the moment, and the Cavs are along for the ride, even tho’ they lost by 15 to Houston today. The bottom line with Cleveland is that even if they can get even a little support for James, they’re not a realistic chance in the East. Even tho’ the Cavs are in 4th spot in the East, they are ten-and-a-half games behind Boston.
  • On that, how bad is the East… still? Despite the presence of Boston and Detroit, the East remains an absolute graveyard. As it stands at the moment, there are only 6 games with winning records – that means that if the playoffs were held today, two teams below .500 make the playoffs (currently Atlanta/New Jersey). The gap from 1st to 8th is 18.5 games.
    Compare this to the West, where there are 10 teams above .500 – and the gap between Phoenix and 8th place Denver is 4.5 games… and only 1 game back finds 9th/10th place teams Houston and Portland.
  • Despite Chicago having a 19-29 record, and being 19.5 games behind the Celtics, there’s definitely been a bit of improvement. That’s the beautiful thing about playing in the East, you can have a 19-29 record, be almost 20 games behind the top team – and yet still have a shot of making the playoffs. And the Bulls are right on the cusp…
  • Bizarre. Even tho’ Shaq’s been traded, the NBA is still going to go ahead with the mini-replay of the last bit of the Atlanta-Miami game.
    Recap: Shaq was ejected even tho’ he only had 5 fouls. Miami lost.
    However – in the replay neither of the newly-minted Heat players Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks will be allowed to play.
    So the Heat will be sans O’Neal/Marion/Banks. All-Star Joe Johnson doesn’t think the replay should occur at all.
    But it will.
  • Javaris CrittentonIt’s likely that recently traded guard Javaris Crittenton will see court time, but unlikely to be at the expense of Mike Conley or Kyle Lowry. He’s considered to be a combo-guard at Memphis, and will get playing time in the two slot. That could cause time issues for Juan Carlos Navarro…
  • Rumors now abound that the T-Wolves are going to put Antoine Walker on the trading block…

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4 responses

8 02 2008
Basketball » NBA Mutterings With Malice

[…] withmalice wrote a fantastic post today on “NBA Mutterings With Malice”Here’s ONLY a quick extractThe Cleveland Cavaliers are playing some good basketball at the moment… well… to be truthful: LeBron James is playing some good basketball at the moment, and the Cavs are along for the ride, even tho’ they lost by 15 to Houston today. … […]

10 02 2008
Name Required

If Minny was planning on putting Walker on the trading block then they aren”t very smart. The minute he hits a few shots they bench him. The only game on National TV and he barely plays.

I am convinced McHale is keeping Walker on the bench and playing only in situations to make him look bad as another favor to Danny Ainge.
Did you see Walker play NJ in 06? or Indiana this year? A motivated Antoine is only going to come back and haunt Danny Ainge.

11 02 2008

what’s the point of the replay between miami and atlanta? shaq is with the suns now and there’s no point replaying the game. and if ever they replay the game, marion and banks shouldn’t be allowed to play the game.
what a stupid idea.

11 02 2008
Aaron Becker

Good point. The trade should null & void that game. No wonder I forgot about the replay – it was Miami/Atlanta.

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