Top Sports Stories in Japan…

9 02 2008

More MiwaDamn it’s cold… cannot believe Spring Training for baseball is happening!

Busy weekend ahead, but today’s top stories in sports in Japan are:

  • Arrests made in Sumo death… [Daily Yomiuri] ‘bout time. First step in cleaning up the Takashi Saito death – and sumo in general…
  • Ai Miyazato’s off to a good start… [Daily Yomiuri] Playing in the ANZ Ladies Masters in Australia, only 3 shots off the lead…
  • NEC has the impossible dream (Japan’s Top League Rugby)… [Daily Yomiuri] NEC looks to beat the previously unbeaten Sanyo Wild Knights – and has to do it by 35 points if they’re to make the top 4, and the finals!…
  • Hoshino happy with young Yakult hurlers (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri] Speaking of Spring Training…
  • Japan announces squad for China-soccer tournament… [Mainichi Shimbun] Forward Naohiro Takahara left off the squad…
  • Interview with Ryo Ishikawa (golf)… [Japan Times] The sport’s savior in Japan opens up…
  • Pollution fears for Beijing Olympics… [Japan Times] Is anyone really surprised?



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