Top Sports Stories in Japan…

13 02 2008

Yowsers!  Is Hiromi Oshima hot or what?Damn snow… only happens once a year here, but couldn’t have happened on a worse day for me!
Turned a 45 minute trip into a 3 hour+ one.
Sigh…Snow in my lil’ corner of Japan

Oh well, in today’s top stories in Japan:

  • Shota Oba looks the goods (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri] Hawks rookie did well in a simulated game at Spring Training…
  • Farewell, Torakichi Nakamura (golf)… [Daily Yomiuri] One of golf’s pioneers here passes on…
  • Orix to file complaint on Powell (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri] Yet more developments in the Jeremy Powell drama…
  • Equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu set to become the nation’s oldest ever Olympian… [Mainichi Shimbun] Also will be Japan’s first time in Equestrian events since Tokyo in the 1964 Olympics…
  • Big hopes for Matsuzaka… [Mainichi Shimbun] Expectations will be a lil’ closer to reality this time around…
  • Powell case proves NPB ineptitude… [Japan Times] Jack Gallagher’s special on the stupidity surrounding the Jeremy Powell situation…



One response

14 02 2008

It’s also amazing how quickly people forget how to drive on snow. Even here in the Ice box of America-in Minnesota- I am continually astonished as to how frequently people forget how to drive in snow or icy conditions-and it’s not a once a year thing here. SUV drivers are the worst, because they think just because they have 4 wheel drive, they can drive anyway they want.

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