Kidd To Dallas A No Go?

14 02 2008

The latest news on the latest blockbuster trade in the NBA’s powerhouse Western Conference is that the Jason Kidd to Dallas deal may not get done… and the block’s coming from not Devin Harris, but Devean George.

Even tho’ Nets coach Lawrence Frank spoke in the past tense about J-Kidd, Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s not confident it’ll happen at all.
Blocked, by George! Apparently, Devean George is not happy about the trade – and has said he won’t approve… and according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, that’s an approval that’s needed for the deal – as it stands now – to get done.

According to Stein, just prior to the deal being finalised “George informed the Mavericks that he wouldn’t consent to being included in the deal, which is his right based on a rare provision in his one-year contract.” (ESPN – Marc Stein). George’s agent Mark Bartelstein mouthed platitudes about not intentionally blocking the trade, and pointed out that Devean was trying to do what’s best for Devean…
George is now starting at the Mavericks, and is apparently happy with the way things are panning out at Dallas.
That’s not to preclude the trade happening, just that at this point in time, it’s not.
George is apparently not trying to avoid New Jersey – Bartelstein stated “We’re not going to draw a line in the sand.” – one gets the feeling that Devean George is keen for the pot to be sweetened a bit before he heads to NJ.
And he’s in the perfect position to do so.
The trade’s in the eleventh hour (hell, even later), and if Devean George can squeeze a lil’ bit more out of the involved parties, why shouldn’t he?

Certainly will make for a few interesting hours as both Dallas & New Jersey rush to get their options all lined up…

Either way, I still don’t like this trade – I don’t think that Jason Kidd’s the answer for Dallas. They are struggling far more at the 2 slot than at point.
If they had to chase a big trade, then surely Mike Miller would be available at a cheaper rate and fixes their issues more.

The only thing that maybe makes this trade a viable option is the intangibles that Kidd brings to the table. For a while now, it’s been apparent that Dallas lack real on-court-leadership, and someone with the stone-cold-heart of an assassin – both important in the playoffs…
and both qualities that J-Kidd has.

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14 02 2008
Basketball » Kidd To Dallas A No Go?

[…] withmalice wrote a fantastic post today on “Kidd To Dallas A No Go?”Here’s ONLY a quick extractGeorge is now starting at the Mavericks, and is apparently happy with the way things are panning out at Dallas. That’s not to preclude the trade happening, just that at this point in time, it’s not. George is apparently not trying to … […]

14 02 2008

well, that’s devean george for you! lol!
i hope kidd wins a ring before he retires.

14 02 2008
Aaron Becker

And his agent says he’s trying to protect him. Any more “protection” and he’ll be blackballed from the league!

14 02 2008

Actually… he’s protecting his ‘Early Bird Exception’…
And he’s right to do so.

15 02 2008
Aaron Becker

Yeah, he’s got that right, but everyone is leaning on him to relent. I don’t care cause it’s the Mavs, but I’ve always respected Kidd as a player.

15 02 2008

@ aaron becker
i’ve been a life long fan of jason kidd and it’s pretty disappointing to see him losing. i don’t know if it’s him or what, but i sure hope to see him win a ring before he retires.

15 02 2008

It’s going to be a tough time for Devean George.
On one hand, he’s doing this to protect a potential pay-day. His ‘Early Bird rights’ state that only the Mavericks can give him a larger contract at the culmination of this current 1 year contract, ignoring salary cap restrictions to do so.
However, on the other hand, his actions in killing this trade pretty much preclude that ever happening.

15 02 2008
Aaron Becker

He’s only gonna get that pay-day if he’s playing/starting, albeit a mediocre one, and he has that chance for a Jersey team still in a playoff race. This ‘early bird’ right is not gonna get him the $$$ – only him playing will get it.

16 02 2008

Thing is, his Early Bird can garner him a contract that’s 75% bigger than any other he’s likely to receive.
Difficult situation.

17 02 2008
Aaron Becker

Isn’t that 75% a max deal from only Dallas? I don’t see Cuban doing it. I just caught a quote from George and he said he’s staying in Dallas cause he’s getting the playing time and it’s a no-brainer. Does he think we’re stupid? He’s starting cause of injuries and not starting well.

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