Top Sports Stories in Japan…

15 02 2008

The oh-so-awesome Nina Minami… wow.Real-world busy… ugh.   Damn cold here still, bring on Spring!!!

So, in today’s sports-news media in Japan:

  • Japan Basketball leadership in a bit of strife… [Daily Yomiuri]   Nothing new there really.  When you’ve got two leagues competing for the market, that there are problems is obvious…
  • Asian Handball bows to International body… [Daily Yomiuri First step in getting this somewhat-renegade body under control…
  • Okajima says “I’ve got a secret”… [Mainichi ShimbunWhilst the ‘gyro-ball’ references are going to make me cringe, Okajima’s a proven performer…
  • Saito agrees to contract with Dodgers… [Mainichi Shimbun2 mil, 1 year – not too shabby…
  • Congress blasts Rocket… [Japan TimesYes, it’s huge news here too…
  • USC, Coliseum reach tentative deal… [Japan TimesAnother 25 years there…



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