Blog-sifting – Balls, and then some…

17 02 2008

Firebomb, KipiAll Star weekend for the NBA, and winter sports have wrapped up, and the summer sports are looking at starting…
Or vice versa in Down-Under…

  1. The Australian Football League season’s just around the corner, with the pre-season competition having already kicked off – The AFL FootyBlog discusses keeping the status quo
  2. Dave’s Football Blog is always good for some rugby, and today’s no different – Super 14 – shot to the face. Ouch.
  3. Egads… some of my compatriots have some bizarre ideas – check out what’s the latest nutty Australian take on a ‘sport’ over at Deuce of Davenport!
  4. Give Me The Rock breaks down the Rookies vs Sophomores game from the NBA All-Star weekend…
  5. Sports AOL FanhouseTim Hardaway no longer hates gay people
  6. Superman’s back. Yes, he is. Over at RedsArmy.
  7. An excellent break-down on the Bibby trade over at Celtics Blog.

Fantastic stuff…
Enjoy your All-Star weekend everyone!




One response

19 02 2008
The Constructivist

Speaking of balls, Momoko Ueda was almost able to run down Annika Sorenstam at the first LPGA event of the season. She ended up T2. Is there any Momo-chan fever to rival the Ai-chan frenzy of years past?

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