Superman Dunks!

18 02 2008

The NBA All-Star weekend’s Dunk Competition finally became relevant again – largely due to Gerald Green’s birthday cake, and Dwight Howard’s Superman impression.

Firstly, Green’s Birthday Cake dunk.  Green’s team-mate Rashard McCants put a cupcake with a candle up on the back of the rim, and… well, better you watch:

Then, Howard…  In a dunk that left me wondering what Shaq thought of it all (given he has previously been regarded as the league’s self-appointed Superman), Howard stripped down to a Superman outfit, put on a cape, and quite literally flew to land an awesome dunk:

Dwight Howard ran flew away with the title.

Edit: some hilarity to add – over at the entertaining On 205th, you can see the 22 Worst Dunks Ever

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8 responses

18 02 2008

Look at 1:42 of the Dwight Howard video
He didn’t dunk it, he threw the ball in. Not that impressive when he didn’t dunk it properly.

18 02 2008

@ darren
yeah, he didn’t dunk it properly, but you gotta give him the credit for the creativity. lol.

18 02 2008

Wait… he gets high enough to be actually able to THROW the ball down, and it’s an issue?
Still, I understand where you’re coming from – he’s getting a lot of kudos from where he takes off, but the simple fact is he couldn’t actually jam it from that distance.
Still… looks pretty amazing…

18 02 2008

@ WM
it did look pretty amazing, but i like the behind the backboard dunk better. haha! that was sick.

18 02 2008

actually your all wrong!!! he did not jam. therefore it does not count. this is suppose to be the slam dunk contest. god!!! your all idiots!!! and you call yourself nba fans!!!! why dont you all watch the wmba instead! god!!!! and howard cant even jam! i dont ever recall seeing him jam period! let all get over it. bottom line howard cant, and has never jamed, and your all wrong!!!!

chris platt

18 02 2008

1. Dude, if you’re going to take the time to comment, take the time to actually write in English, with all that that entails.
2. Read some of the comments above.
3. Dwight Howard can’t dunk? Who the [expletive deleted] are you to question others, when you (apparently) believe Howard cannot dunk?… (please note: rhetorical question)

4… if you’re posting tongue-in-cheek, please make it more apparent?

And have a nice day.

19 02 2008

@ platt
dude, what the hell’s wrong with you man? howard can’t dunk? maybe you’re watching too much WNBA man. try watching NBA sometime, maybe you’ll come to your senses. god, dwight howard actually leads the league in dunks.

19 02 2008
Aaron Becker

If you’re above the rim and throw it down, that be a dunk!

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