Today’s Top Stories In Japan…

21 02 2008

Effervescent Ae…The trade-buzz in the NBA just doesn’t quit this year, huh? Interesting times, if you’re a hoops fan (especially a Western Conference hoops fan!)…

Anyway, in today’s top stories in sports in the Japanese media:

  • Sumo considering letting outsiders in on the Council… [Daily Yomiuri] This is akin to the Jedi-council letting non-jedi be members… in other words: HUGE…
  • Fukudome starts with a smile… [Daily Yomiuri] Chicago’s latest big-ticket signing seems happy to be there…
  • Commentary from Jim Allen: Buffs/Hawks, get over it! (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri] Allen’s right. Get in touch with what’s important people, and let Powell play!
  • Japan beat China 1-0 in East Asian Championships (soccer)… [Japan Times] Silencing the crowd, Japan wins against the locals…
  • ’09 WBC field set to join Japan (baseball)… [Japan Times] Invitations have been sent out…



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