Wild, Wild West Showdown – Lakers versus Mavericks

3 03 2008

Whoa… game’s just finished, and the end result just makes me think that both these teams are pretty damn special.  Dallas came ready to play, and the Lakers were up to the task. 
Although I’m sure that the Lakers were well & prepared for Dallas, it just seemed like this game meant a lot to the Mavs.  With J-Kidd in the line-up they’re certainly a different proposition – especially at the end of games (Avery Johnson errors not withstanding). 
Going up for a mere 2 of 52, KobeAnd (as an LA-fan) phenomenal to see that the Lakers are up to the task too, holding out the Mavs in OT. 
Outstanding game from Kobe: shooting 15-27 for a huge 52 points (also had 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots).  Great support from Gasol & Odom too.

For the Mavs, Dirk had a big game (hitting 30 points), but was a little inaccurate (10-26).  Jason Kidd was pretty damn good too – 11 assists with 15 points.

Sasha Vujacic’s performance is worrying.  He continues to hoist 3 point shot after 3 point shot, only hitting 1 from 10 attempts.  Someone should sit the guy down and tell him that if it’s not happening, it’s not happening

Still, as far as wins go, this was a good one for the Lake-show. 

Definitely makes it interesting with Bynum coming back.  With the way the team’s playing, they can afford to be conservative and make sure he’s absolutely 100%.  And when he’s back, the pressure isn’t as high for him to get huge minutes (not that he was playing big minutes prior to his injury). 
And Kobe’s injured pinkie?  Doesn’t appear to be a big deal at the moment…
Things look good in LA right now.

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