Today’s Top Stories In Japan…

4 03 2008

Glorious Yumi AdachiCould be some changes headed my way (in ‘the real world’)… will keep all posted if they eventuate!

Anyway, in today’s media coverage of sports-in-Japan:

  • 74% of Japanese public interested in Beijing Olympics… [Daily Yomiuri]  Only 74%?  Comes across as a lil’ low to me.  C’mon people – it’s the OLYMPICS for gawd’s sake!…
  • Long-shot Kamei continues to dominate (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriReally: this is almost like a re-run of ‘The Rookie’.  25 year old guy who struggled last year in the Japanese minors is tearing up the place at the Yomiuri Giants pre-season…
  • Nakata’s more than just a big bat (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriHard work is paying dividends for 18 year old star-in-the-making, Sho Nakata…
  • Sumo association to decide on the fate of wrestlers involved in fatal beating… [Mainichi ShimbunGuys should be banned for life – in addition to whatever penalty the legal system gives them…
  • Stojkovic is back in Nagoya (J-League Soccer)… [Japan Times Dragan Stojkovic – or ‘Pixy’ – is back at Nagoya Grampus as their head coach – and everyone’s happy…



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4 03 2008
Aaron Becker

Changes? Nice way too leave us hanging ;~)

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