Ummm, Dirk? WTF was that?

4 03 2008

So the Dallas Mavericks lost a tight one again, and the day after Kobe took ’em down, Deron Williams does the same on the strength of a 20 assist/17 point day at the office (and the Mavs are in ‘be-careful’ area, dropping to 7th in the Western Conference). 
But the lowpoint of the game was Dirk Nowitzki’s flagrant foul on Andrei Kirilenko. 

Look… don’t get me wrong: I have a lot of respect for Dirk Nowitzki.  He’s an awesome player, and he’s better than this.  But his takedown on Andrei Kirilenko about halfway through the first quarter was one of the dirtiest things I’ve seen this season. Without a doubt totally unnecessary, and just a bullshit play, period. 
See for yourself:

Kirilenko injured his hip in the ‘attack’, and had to leave the game, and was taken to the hospital.  He did return later – in a wheelchair.
1) I hope AK47’s ok…
2) Suspend Dirk a game please.

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11 responses

4 03 2008
Aaron Becker

I don’t think Dirk realized how much extra of an arm he was giving him as he was still falling down. But a 1 game suspension would be about right.

4 03 2008
Aaron Becker

Got any beads on the upcoming draft? Or is this part of the ‘all basketball, all the time’ season?

5 03 2008

I am willing to bet some Mavs fans were ok with the take down move by Dirk if not cheering deep down inside. The knock on him is that he is soft and that play was far from it.

5 03 2008

I think you’re spot on Dannie, that play had a streak of absolute nastiness in it.

5 03 2008

there was no need for that. i can understand hard fouls, but pulling down an opposing player is a different thing.

6 03 2008

Does David Stern read this blog??? 😉

Dirk suspended a game…

9 03 2008

hey don, been a while since i stuck my head in (quite used to being told to pull it in anyway) but i gotta say, Dirks takedown was nothing short of streetball standard – and dodgy streetball at that. Wouldnt have been out of place in the WWE. 1 game? Seemingly not a deterrent.
On a lighter note, hope your impending move goes well, always a stress those moves but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Take it easy.

9 03 2008

Agreed Loki, and nice of you to drop by. Dirk’s grab-‘n’-throw-down was lame. He got what he deserved. Tho’ I’m hearing a lot of whining from Mavs-fans…

And the move – looking forward to it, as much as it will be a difficult transition. Awesome job…

10 03 2008

the move? where you going WM?
well, hard fouls are bound to happen in any game. i have nothing against hard fouls but players but if the opposing player get injured because of you, i think that’s crossing the line.

10 03 2008

Headed to Fukuoka prefecture, quite a ways south from where I am now.

And on Dirk’s foul – for me, intent is a major part. Dirk ‘intended’ to grab Kirilenko – that’s clear. Whether he intended the throwdown or not, I’m not sure. But he clearly reaches for and grabs him. And that was dangerous.

10 03 2008

@ WM
well yeah, you have a point there. the intention to give out the foul was there. but the intention of actually pulling AK down, i think we’re can’t be sure about that. giving out hard fouls is a whole lot different from giving a player an injured hip. I have nothing against hard fouls provided that you don’t injure the opposing players and it is done in justifiable circumstances.
and btw, good luck on your move to fukuoka. cheers.

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