Enough already…

8 03 2008

C’est la Vie Brett FavreNot often I find myself in agreement with Stephen A. Smith, but on the subject of Brett Favre, I do.
Enough already.
The coverage of him retiring has been nothing short of absolute.
ESPN et al… Listen up folks: there’s lots of other things happening in sports that deserve a greater amount of coverage than a QB retiring:

  • how about the NBA? Lotsa great stories there at the moment…
  • March Madness is just around the corner, but we’re reminiscing over Brett’s joyous sportsmanship…
  • MLB’s season’s not far away – how about that?
  • The NFL draft looms – who’s going to be #1? How are franchises going to address the various needs of their teams? More important to me than “wow-#4-smiled”…
  • The Beijing Olympics aren’t far away – and China’s human rights record still sucks – big story, no-one says ‘boo’.
  • Big stories with the States that aren’t seeing air-time…
  • And countless other stories in countries all over the world not named ‘America’…

At this point in time, I’d even listen to more Barry/Roger crap… at least over this.

Don’t get me wrong – great career, good guy. Thanks Brett.
But he’s done now. Stick a fork in, and wave “C’ya”.
Sure, spend a lil’ time, say good-bye, celebrate what he did. But can we move on now?

Note, from this point on, With Malice… will officially be a ‘Brett-Favre(as a player)-free-zone’…




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9 03 2008
“Travis Diener Goes to Jail” and Other News from the Week in Sports « The On Deck Circle

[…] has a lot of great fantasy baseball resources, not that I want any of you to get a leg up on me. With Malice is just as tired of the same repeated stories as I am. Now Watch Me Jock disagrees with Bill […]

13 03 2008

Don, good point about the Chinese with their Olympics. I think you would have to go back to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin in terms of skullduggary by an organizing country. With the Chinese, you have Darfur, pollution, human rights(or lack thereof), among other things.

11 07 2008

Brett will return to Green Bay this year. That’s why this is BIG news…

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