Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings, Round 8

11 03 2008

T-Wolves Blog are hosting round 8 of the MVP/ROY rankings/discussions – and this time I’m involved.  An excellent, ongoing discussion with many prominent NBA bloggers involved.

As a teaser, here are the top 5 (sans opinions – which are well worth a read) for each category.


  1. Kevin Durant - ROY?Kevin Durant
  2. Al Horford
  3. Luis Scola
  4. Jamario Moon
  5. Joakim Noah


  1. Lebron James
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Kevin Garnett
  5. Dwight Howard

Head on over to T-Wolves and check it out!




12 responses

11 03 2008

I agree with the MVP award, but I have to disagree with the ROY. I think if the ROY award is given today, horford deserves to get it. for a rookie, his 5 game double-double streak is pretty impressive.

11 03 2008

I don’t agree with either as they stand now.
James is having the same season Kobe’s had in the past two (sans an 80+ point game). Kobe plays both ends of the floor, LeBron doesn’t. I didn’t have LeBron in my top 3 (Bryant/Paul/Garnett)…

I agree with you on Horford…

11 03 2008

I truly hate the fact that I am coming round to the painful fact that Kobe might just be the MVP this year…..

11 03 2008
College Wolf

Hey all,

As you saw if you read my comments, I was pulling for Horford as well. Also, I Lebron is my man for MVP.

Anyhow, its just the way the votes turned out. It could very well be different for the next edition two weeks from now…

11 03 2008

@ wm
it’s a very tight race for the MVP award and kobe and lebron are both having wonderful seasons. LBJ may not be your MVP, but you gotta show some love for his near-triple double averages. chris paul used to be in the mix, but the hornets started to cool down a bit. dwight howard and the magics also cooled down as the season went on. garnett missed too many games and he needs to step on the gas if he is to contend for the MVP title. the way i see it, the MVP race is a TIGHT TIGHT battle between kobe and lebron.

11 03 2008
Aaron Becker

>>brumbygg9 (11:29:05) :

I truly hate the fact that I am coming round to the painful fact that Kobe might just be the MVP this year….<<

I hate to second that one.

11 03 2008

@aaron and brumbygg9
i don’t like kobe as a player but you can’t deny the fact that he is playing fantastic basketball this season. even if there are a lot of kobe haters out there, we can’t really do anything about if he wins the award. oh well.

11 03 2008
11 03 2008

Gotta be kidding me… Scola’s good, but Al Horford he’s not.

On Kobe: at least some discerning readers here are able to put their dislike behind them and acknowledge what the guy’s achieving…

12 03 2008

I don’t like the guy at all, but have to respect the way he is playing. Mitch Kupchak is looking like Einstein (Albert, not Norman) for getting the trade for Gasol done and providing Kobe with another legitmate offensive threat.
I love what KG has done for Boston but agree that he has missed too many games and is not putting up the monster numbers that seem to be required to win the MVP. LBJ is huge right now, but all round is not doing as much as Kobe.
He can have the MVP and KG will just have to settle for a ring….

12 03 2008

@ brumbygg9
and i wonder what will happen in LA when bynum comes back. bynum is the only lakers player that i like because i see a lot of potential in him. kobe is playing at a different level this season, it’s a fact, but i still don’t like him. haha!
Boston will most likely finish the season with the best record, but i’m not so sure if KG and Co. can take it all the way.

@ withmalice
yef, scola’s good, but he’s no horford. al horford made his presence felt early into the season while scola shined only recently. if scola continues his strong plays, he might be able to contend for the ROY, but i’m rooting for horford to win the award.

17 03 2008
luis scola

[…] also puts them just one game behind the San Antonio Spurs, and the Los http://www.slamdunkcentral.comBlogger MVP/ROY Rankings, Round 8 T-Wolves Blog are hosting round 8 of the MVP/ROY rankings/discussions – and this time I??m […]

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