Today’s Top Stories In Japan…

15 03 2008

Ouch.  Chiaki KyanWhoa… getting warmer here – Spring anyone?

VERY warm down in Fukuoka prefecture (almost organised).

But in today’s top sports stories in Japan…

  • Defending champ Tokoha to face Meiho (High School Baseball invitational)… [Daily Yomiuri] Perhaps Japan’s equivalent to March Madness…
  • Yui Kawahara takes the lead in the Accordia Ladies (golf)… [Daily YomiuriPut in a damn handy 5-under to take an early lead…
  • Asashoryu still on the rampage (sumo)… [Daily YomiuriOsaka basho, and Asa’s a wild man…
  • Bo’ Sox ready for Japan… [Mainichi ShimbunHeaded here to play the A’s…



4 responses

16 03 2008

Top stories? Shiiet, I wanna know who the girl in the picture is!

18 03 2008
The Constructivist

Yui Kawahara?

18 03 2008

lol… I think Yui wouldn’t mind being a) damn good at golf, and b) looking like that!

11 07 2010


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