Denver Puts Up X-Box Numbers

17 03 2008

Oh.  My.  God.

The Denver Nuggets scoreline vs the Seattle Supersonics: 168 – 116.  Yup, that’s right: ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT POINTS…

In what amounted to being a score you’d run up on your little brother on your X-Box, the Nugs absolutely routed the Sonics, who for the rest of the season should be forced to spell their name without capitals.  Hell, the Sonics sonics want to leave Seattle?  Seattle shouldn’t fight it: the team wasn’t there vs Denver.

Game’s MVP - Marcus CambyMan o’ the night?  Marcus Camby – 13 points for him is like Kobe hitting 81.  Add to that 15 rebounds and 10 assists, and ol’ Marcus has a triple double.  Funnily enough, I’d bet that the 13 points is normally a bigger obstacle for him than 10 assists.

Chris Wilcox gets the ‘Understatement-of-the-night’ award with his

“We just lost tonight. We lost by a lot.”

Ummm… yes.  You betcha Chris.

Denver had a heap of scorers, ‘Melo lead the way with 26, AI had 24, K-Mart 23, JR Smith & Chucky Atkins had 19 a piece, Klieza had 17, Marcus Camby had a scoring spree 13, Yakhoo…. Yahkio… ummm… Diawara scored 11, and everyone else on the roster scored.  All 12 of ’em.  8 guys in double figures, and all 12 scored.  Egads.

And Seattle…. err… sorry – seattle?  Get it together guys, that’s embarrassing!




3 responses

17 03 2008

well, that was embarrassing..
Marcus Camby – 13 points for him is like Kobe hitting 81. hahaha! would have been great if camby managed to b lock 10 shots. haha! that would have been GREAT.

17 03 2008

Still… 4 blocked shots. Not a bad day in the office by any means.

18 03 2008

oh yeah, four blocks is not that bad considering his triple-double stat in just under 30 minutes on playing time. kudos to the man.

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