Kids Screaming, Women Swooning – Doala The Koala

18 03 2008

Doala The Koala - at the Nagoya DomeJapanese women tend to have a thing for ‘cute characters’… well, at least the younger ones do.
Kitty-chan (‘Hello Kitty’), Miffy, and now… Doala The Koala.
Slim & svelte, Doala’s a mascot for Nagoya’s Chunichi Dragons – and the girls love him.

To be fair, Doala’s not a new character – he’s been around for about 14 years now (about when Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo obtained their Koalas – thus Doala’s connection to Nagoya), and has been the primary mascot for the Chunichi Dragons during that time.
Still, a decade ago Doala very nearly got sacked – when the Dragons moved to the Nagoya Dome from Nagoya Stadium (between Meieki & Kanayama). The powers-that-be decided that maybe a Dragon would be more appropriate.
Doala flips out as Tyrone Woods returns Home… Doala ended up staying, and the Dragons joined too – but Doala was transformed from a short, pudgy Koala into the acrobatic, back-flipping Doala he is today.

So now he’s attained cult status with young women – not just in Nagoya, but nation-wide. His fame is such that recently he released a book, ‘Doala no Himitsu’ (Doala’s Secrets).
Apparently tho’, his fame hasn’t spread to small children… who often are quite scared of the Dragon’s mascot.
No accounting for taste, I guess. 😉

(HT: Mainichi Shimbun)

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3 responses

18 03 2008
Steve "Nursedude"

Don, there is no real equivilant to this in the AFL or NRL back in OZ, is there?

18 03 2008

Yup… nothing really like this. Definitely mascots tend to be of a more masculine nature…

20 03 2008
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