Blogsifting: Dancing, & Other Stuff

19 03 2008

OMG… yeeeOWSERS!Been busier than a three-legged dog trying to bury a bone on a marble floor… but I have had time to have a look around. Here’s what you should be reading (other than stuff here!):

  1. J.E. Skeets asks the important questions. This time, the question asked is: “If the playoffs started tomorrow, which opponent would you most (and least) want to see in the first round?” Ball Don’t Lie
  2. reports on a TwinCities report on KG Tanking… ouch.
  3. Awesome, awesome piece on Lance Allred over at Hardwood Paroxysm
  4. Over at MVN Lakers Library, Ed Ziti wraps up the Lakers win over the Mavs (my take on that later)…
  5. Oh wow… a blog that never disappoints to come up with quirky stuff – Pyle of List. 2008 Tournament of Villainy: Cartoon Bracket. Where do they get this stuff?
  6. Storming The Floor ranks the chances of the Big East in the NCAA Tournament…
  7. Making The DanceSleepers, Upsets and Odds to win it all



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