No Streakers. Boston Celtics Stop Houston, and HARD

19 03 2008

The flying Houston Rockets hit a wall in the form of Boston, getting hammered in their own home 94-74.

So the streak stops at 22 games, and now it’s time to reflect on the import of it. Without a doubt, an amazing run, and one that has propelled the Houston Rockets to the top of the Western standings. It goes down in history as the second longest streak in the history of the NBA, and that’s something worth celebrating.

However, in reality they didn’t really play many teams that were worth an ‘elite’ tag… and the Lakers don’t really count at the time they played the Rockets – sans Gasol, the Lakers are going to have to work very, very hard to win games.

‘Buzz saw’ GarnettThe first huge test they faced during ‘the streak’ was Boston. And what happened? Houston ran into a buzz saw. Losing to Boston isn’t a shame – plenty of teams have done that this season. But losing by 20, and at home… when you’re sitting on top of the Western Conference? That is.

Boston have now won 13 of their last 14… and are looking very, very dangerous. The rest of this month should be a real litmus test as to their current dangerous form – at Dallas, at New Orleans… then hosting the 76ers, Suns and Hornets – before a light romp against the oh-so-awful Heat.

It’s funny, even given the longevity of the streak that Houston had going, no-one was really talking them up as a chance to win it all.
Because in truth, they’re not.

(This was hard to type… that’s 3 consecutive posts on the front page singing the praises of the Boston Celtics? Ugh…)

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7 responses

19 03 2008

does me good to read praise for the green machine…. especially from a Lakers fan!

19 03 2008
Neil Joshi

11-1 without Yao still ain’t bad. Houston went from 7th to 1st during the streak, pretty damn good, but in reality, they didn’t even really make up that much ground. The West is just that tough. They are 2 games back to being in 6th

19 03 2008

As I said: worth celebrating.
And you’re right Neil – if they slip at this point, then they could conceivably miss out on the playoffs altogether.
Never, never witnessed as tight a playoff race as this.

20 03 2008

@ neil joshi
the west is really tough and harsh. and it’ll be harder for the rockets come playoffs time. they’ll probably struggle big time without yao. without a tough inside presence, the rockets will likely falter in the playoffs.

20 03 2008

Fell again today vs New Orleans. I have said for a few weeks now that the end of March would prove to be difficult for them – that’s when they ran into some real competition.

21 03 2008

Celtics 3, Texas 0

21 03 2008

@ brumbygg9
haha! got that right man. the celtics banged my jason kidd pretty hard. kidd is my man, but i’m not a fan of dallas.

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