And It All Begins…

21 03 2008

NCAA March Madness is but a few short hours away, and whilst I am by no means an expert on college ball, I definitely appreciate that this tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the US. For a greater in depth coverage on the games/tournament, I highly recommend Storming The Floor, a blog that specifically addresses NCAA Hoops.

Day 1 games…

  • (13) Winthrop vs (4) Washington St. [East Region]
  • (12) George Mason vs (5) Notre Dame
  • (16) Portland St vs (1) Kansas [Midwest Region]
  • (9) Kent St vs (8) UNLV
  • (11) Kansas St vs (6) USC
  • (14) CS Fullerton vs (3) Wisconsin
  • (12) Temple vs (5) Michigan State [South Region]
  • (11) Kentucky vs (6) Marquette
  • (13) Oral Roberts vs (4) Pittsburgh
  • (14) Cornell vs (3) Stanford
  • (14) Georgia vs (3) Xavier [West Region]
  • (11) Baylor vs (6) Purdue
  • (15) Belmont vs (2) Duke
  • (9) Texas A&M vs (8) BYU
  • (10) Arizona vs (7) W Virginia
  • (16) Miss Vlly St vs (1) UCLA

Greatest of interest for me in the first lot of games is the USC vs Kansas State – a marquis match-up between two guys that are going to attract a lot of attention from NBA teams when they declare for the next draft (and no-one can tell me that they won’t!) – Michael Beasley and O.J. Mayo. Looking forward to that one.

Lastly, a reminder to check out the NCAA tournament in greater detail over at Storming the Floor.




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21 03 2008

Whoa… Duke use a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card to beat Belmont. Scoring a basket to go up by a POINT with seconds to go…

21 03 2008

Big upset of the night: Michael Beasley’s Kansas St beat O.J. Mayo’s USC, 80-67. Beasley and Mayo’s former team-mate Bill Walker were huge, scoring 23 & 22 a piece. Beasley also added 10 rebounds. Mayo had 20 points.

Texas A&M become the second lower seed to win thus far, with a victory over BYU… but a ‘9’ beating an ‘8’ doesn’t really count as an upset in my book.

21 03 2008

Other scores thus far:
Washington St crushed Winthrop 71-40
Kansas def Portland St 85-61
UNLV def Kent St 71-58
Michigan account for Temple 72-61
Marquette see off Kentucky 74-66
Pittsburgh def Oral Roberts U 82-63
Stanford beat Cornell 77-53
Xavier def Georgia 71-63
Purdue beat Baylor 90-79

George Mason vs Notre Dame is about to kick off. Remember you CAN watch it streaming live to you from NCAA’s own website!
I am.

21 03 2008
The Constructivist

Sorry to hijack a March Madness thread, but you might want to follow the JLPGA event this week–the KLPGA’s top golfer, Ji-Yai Shin is in the field and in the hunt (T2, 2 shots back of Akiko Fukushima). Her presence is already being felt, as last week’s winner Yuri Fudoh opened with a 76 and highly-ranked Shiho Ohyama could only manage a 76.

21 03 2008

Sorry TC – hard for me to get excited about golf (even ladies golf!), when there’s so much quality basketball on!

Notre Dame beat George Mason 68-50
Wisconsin see off CS Fullerton 71-56
W Virginia def Arizona 75-65
UCLA killed Miss Vlly St 70-29

Man, Mississippi Valley State have to be absolutely GUTTED. Awesome to make the dance, but then to get toasted like this? I bet they almost wish they didn’t make it at all!

22 03 2008
The Constructivist

Not even when I tell you Fudoh really shot a 78? Get on the Shin train early. Next year when she’s winning on the LPGA, she’ll be as huge around the world as she is in Asia now.

22 03 2008

I drank the USC kool aid and picked em over KSU – what’s with all those KSU freshman?

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